Why should we choose corflute sheets?

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Brief introduction:

Nowadays, industries such as logistics, packaging and transportation are developing rapidly, and various packaging choices emerge. However, among most options, corflute sheets have gradually received widespread attention due to its excellent advantages. So, why should we choose corflute sheets?


Excellent load-bearing capacity:

To begin with, corflute sheets have excellent load-bearing capacity. Because of its unique structural design, it has strong pressure resistance. At the same time, it is lightweight as well. Whether it is heavy or fragile goods , it can provide stable and reliable packaging protection to ensure that goods are safe during transportation.

Environmentally friendly:

It has good environmental performance, which is made of eco-friendly pp materials and can be recycled, which greatly reduces the waste generated and it nearly will not pollute the environment. Choosing corflute sheets is not only beneficial to the sustainable development of the enterprise, but also contributes to the global environment.

excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties:

In humid or rainy environments, it can effectively prevent goods from being damaged by moisture and ensure the quality of goods. In addition, corflute sheets are easy to clean and have low maintenance costs, saving a lot of time and money for companies.

Flexible and customizable:

Last but not least, the flexibility of corflute sheets is also a major feature. Whether it is size or color, it can be customized according to actual needs, meeting the personalized requirements of customers.Therefore, it is widely used in various fields.


Corflute sheets have been widely used in various industries due to their excellent performance. Huiyuansj focuses on the research and development,production and sales of corflutes for more than 15 years. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult.

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