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Huiyuan plastic layer pads(also known as plastic tier sheets, correx layer pad, coroplast layer pad, pp layer pad) are constructed of corrugated polypropylene sheets, also have the characteristics of pp corrugated sheets. They are designed for secure packaging and cost-saving material transportation through the supply chain.

There are 5 common layer pads as follows:

①Correx layer pads with sealed edges and round coners

② Pp tier sheets with unsealed edges and round coners

③ Plastic layer pads with unsealed edges and right corners

④A special layer pad just like corrugated plastic tray

⑤Polypropylene layer pad with holes to fix products

⑥We can customize various tier sheets according to customer's needs, including size, color, printing, loading capacity, shape, edge, corner, etc.


It is a completely hygienic solution between cans, glass and PET bottles. Plastic layer pads are widely used in many industries, as an upper and lower divider, making the perfect stacking of glass bottles, food containers and beverages, greatly improving packaging efficiency and saving labor costs. In addition, they are used to keep items such as cans, glass and PET bottles safe during transport. They are ideal for moving glass bottles and are available in different sizes and thicknesses.


Compared to other materials such as cardboard, metal or rigid plastic, polypropylene PP corrugated plastic layer pads/dividers/partitions/separators for empty glass bottles have the following unique advantages.

(1)The corrugated pp layer pad is non-toxic, and its safety can reach food grade.

The pp hollow board layer pad is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene. It can be stored together with food.

(2) Huiyuanboard layer pad is light in weight

The layer pad is light and durable. Compared with the wooden pad and solid board, it is lighter.

(3)Corflute layer pad has good mechanical properties.

Due to its special structure, the hollow sheet separator has excellent mechanical properties such as high load-bearing strength, resistance to tearing and non-breaking, high compressive strength, cushioning and shockproof, high stiffness, and good bending performance. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about the weight of the load like cardboard when we use it, and our products can be better transported and stored, which greatly reduces the risk of collision and collapse.

(4) The plastic separator sheet can be made into an anti-static board or a fire rated board, which can be used in electronic products or other products with this demand.

(5) Corrugated plastic dividers are more economical

Although the price of the corrugated plastic separator is higher than that of the cardboard, most of the cardboard is only used once, and the corrugated plastic separator has high reusability and can be recycled.

The service life of the pp hollow layer pad is more than 10 times that of corrugated cardboard. Calculated in this way, the cost of pp hollow sheet partitions is much smaller than that of cardboard, and it saves the time and energy of frequent purchase of cardboard partitions.

(6) We can customize the corrugated pp layer pads into any color and size according to customer needs.



Using Polypropylene as raw material, it is a dust-free solution for production areas. The layers are waterproof, oil-resistant and unaffected by chemicals, and the layers are water-repellent to prevent the transfer of moisture to the cargo. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -30 degrees to +80 degrees. Rigid material ensures problem-free machine handling. These layers are customized in any dimension according to your requirements. Plus, it's washable and reusable up to 50 times. No doubt they are faster, cheaper, safer, better.


Research has shown that for many leading companies, pp reusable packaging layers effectively protect products and reduce costs throughout the supply chain, which is important for today's food and beverage companies.


We can customize various layer pads/tier sheets according to customer's needs, including size, color, shape, edge, corner,printing, loading capacity, etc. Welcome to contact us.

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