What is the pallet sleeve box?

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The pallet sleeve box-with the rapid development of the global logistics industry, various new logistics containers are emerging. Currently, there are a large number of reusable, recyclable pallet sleeve boxes around the world. The plastic coaming box is easy to use and can be stacked layer by layer; the number of layers the customer wants to stack can also be customized, which requires the manufacturer to better understand the weight and size of the customer's product. It only needs to be taken out in turn when dismantling; during transportation, Due to the foldable characteristics of the pallet sleeve box itself, the transportation cost is greatly reduced.


1. The basic structure of the bubble guard box

(1) The pallet sleeve box is composed of three parts: the plastic honeycomb board, the tray and the top cover, which can be folded and used. There is a side door on the honeycomb plastic sheet, which is convenient for goods to enter and exit. When the side door is opened or closed, the Velcro plays the role of fixation, and there is a leakage hole at the bottom of the tray. After cleaning the tray, the accumulated water is automatically discharged from the leakage hole.

(2) From the base and cover structure can be divided into two categories

  • Single-layer pallet sleeve box

  • Double plastic coaming box


2. Features

1. The pallet sleeve box adopts a closed structure, which has good dustproof and rainproof performance.

2. Flexible operation, recyclable, reduces logistics cost.

3. It is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene material, which will not pollute the environment.

4. It is very strong and durable, and its bearing capacity is super strong, so it is often used for transporting and packaging heavy auto parts.

5. It can protect the products and goods against impact.

6. The bubble guard box is foldable, which can greatly save the occupied space and reduce the space cost.

7. The plastic coaming box can replace the traditional one-time packaging such as cartons and wooden boxes; and the iron packaging with heavyweights such as iron boxes and iron cages.

8. High-strength honeycomb panel structure, no orientation under force, more impact resistance, and longer service life.

9. The inner package is an independent system, which is easy to assemble and disassemble.

3. The service life of the pallet sleeve box

Since the coaming box needs to meet the local conditions of use, it is required to continue to be used in the local harsh external environment. The folding service life of the coaming box is not less than 30,000 times. If it is less than 30,000 times, then the pallet sleeve box is an unqualified product.



In a word, the plastic coaming box is a packing box composed of plastic honeycomb panels. This kind of box is quite special. It can not only store and transport goods but also can be replaced with new ones when there is a problem with a pp honeycomb board. The material of the pp honeycomb board will not lead to the abandonment of the entire box, which greatly saves the customer's later expenses.


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