The use value of blank yard signs with stakes

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The blank yard signs with stakes have high publicity and advertising value, and they mainly play the role of attracting the attention of passing people. The blank coroplast signs are composed of environmentally friendly pp hollow boards and metal brackets, and the blank coroplast yard signs have a smooth surface and are easy to print. Their good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet, and other functions are favored by the advertising industry.


 Applications of blank yard signs with stakes: 

  1. Real estate promotion display billboard: The real estate company will print the promotion content of the house on the blank coroplast signs to attract the attention of the buyers, increase the sales of the house, and finally achieve the purpose of promotion.

  2. Community activity billboard: Blank yard signs with stakes can not only be used to promote consumption, but also promote some positive and healthy activities. In order to enrich the lives of residents, some communities will use blank coroplast yard signs to promote some meaningful activities, such as marathons, festival parties, environmental protection tree planting days, blind dates, etc.

  3. Road signs: Printing coroplast yard signs are often used as road signs on the street so that passersby will not get lost.

  4. Introduction of famous scenic spots: When we visit some well-known scenic spots, there will be a display billboard next to it, and the introduction of the scenic spots will be printed on it, bringing tourists a good travel experience. Also, let us know a little bit about the history of the attraction.

  5. Warning signs: Generally in dangerous places, the government or the person in charge will place a warning sign to remind passers-by, and they will print the prompt content or danger icons on the board, such as WARNING, DO NOT ENTER, DANGER KEEP OUT, DO NOT CLOCK, etc.

  6. Election panels: In some countries, leaders who are loved by the people will be elected through elections. At this time, blank coroplast signs play an important role. The elector's name and information are usually printed on it.



Advantages of blank coroplast signs:

  1. The raw material of the coroplast whiteboard is environmentally friendly polypropylene, which is a recyclable material, so it is very resource-saving.

  2. Because its color is white, it is very convenient to add different gorgeous colors and patterns, and people can give full play to their imagination and creativity on the board.

  3. When the blank yard signs with stakes are used as promotion and publicity tools, they have a strong personality, and visually reach a height of art.

  4. Not only that, but it also has a certain price advantage. In terms of performance and price, the application of coroplast whiteboard is much stronger than that of metal, wood, and glass.

  5. With its convenient and flexible features, the specifications, sizes, and shapes can be arbitrarily produced according to customer requirements.

Commonly used blank yard sign dimensions:

  • 12x18

  • 18x24

  • 24x26

The use of blank yard signs with stakes can make it simpler and easier for users to arrange and clean up the venue, and meet certain environmental protection requirements.



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