Uses Of White Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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The white corrugated plastic sheets are the best-selling ones on the market. It is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene material and has the characteristics of lightweight and stable molecular structure. In the process of use, the integrity and functionality of the board can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. Because white corrugated plastic cardboard is suitable for any venue and has the best price, it is favored by all walks of life.

1. Which industries are white corrugated plastic sheets used in?

(1). Advertising industry

Because the white corrugated plastic board is convenient to add different gorgeous colors and patterns, it is especially suitable for making coroplast signs for the purpose of publicity, instruction, and promotion.

(2). Food industry

In the food industry, the pp hollow board can be directly used as a tier sheet. The corrugated pp tier sheets are the separation device that increases the stability of the pallet load. Choosing a white corrugated plastic sheet as the layer pad makes it easier to detect food leakage, so it is more hygienic.

(3). Express delivery industry

The white board can be processed into a logistics box because it can be reused 60+ times, which is more economical than a disposable carton.

(4). Hardware industry

Parts in the hardware industry are generally irregular, and they are particularly difficult to package. The boards can be customized into a packaging box with dividers according to the shape of the hardware product. This way, there is no friction or collision between products.

(5). Decoration industry

During the renovation process, people usually take protective measures for doors, windows, and the ground. At this time, people often choose white corrugated plastic sheets as floor protection.

(6). Agriculture

The sapling protection made of pp hollow panels can protect the saplings from frost, sunburn, wind and sand, drought, pests, birds, and beasts. Its installation is particularly simple, just need to surround the board and fix it.

(7). Other industries

The application of white coroplast board is almost in every industry, so I won't one-by-one give an example here.


2. The product cases

  • Corflute tree protection

  • Correx floor protection

  • Coroplast signs

  • Tier sheets

  • Delta trap

  • Correx wardrobe

  • Various corrugated plastic boxes

  • Children's toys

  • Etc


3. What are the advantages of white pp hollow board?

(1) Among the many colors of pp corrugated sheets, only white boards can be upgraded to fire-resistant corrugated plastic sheets by adding flame-retardant particles.

(2) Its surface is very smooth, especially easy to print.

(3) Because the white corrugated plastic cardboard is the most demanded one, and it does not require additional pigment particles, the price will be cheaper than other colors.

(4) It is also environmentally friendly, recyclable, and reusable.

(5) In rainy and harsh environments, it is also very waterproof and moisture-proof.

(6) The white pp hollow panel also has good chemical resistance.

4. Contact us for white corrugated plastic sheets

In addition to producing white corrugated plastic sheets, Huiyuan Plastics can also customize other colors of boards according to your requirements. Our company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "pursuing excellent quality, preferential prices, and fast delivery". All my colleagues will make unremitting efforts for a long time to continuously improve the quality of corrugated plastic products, safeguard the interests of customers, and wholeheartedly provide our customers with first-class products and first-class services.

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