Applications of correx layer pad in food industry

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The correx layer pad is directly cut from the pp correx board, so it has all the advantages of the corrugated pp board - non-toxic, waterproof, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc. It is a separation device that increases the load stability of the tray, so the corflute layer pad is very popular in the food industry. What are the applications of the correx layer pad in the food industry?

The applications of the correx layer sheet:

1. The corflute layer pad can be used to package some fragile food, one layer of bottle holder and one layer of food, stacked and fixed with boxes or wide tapes. The use of correx layer sheets can make use of the limited space of the box to a great extent and place some products in an orderly manner.

2. Some large-scale food processing factories or supermarkets will store a large amount of food, because people rely on food for the first time, food is often fast-moving consumer goods, and the market demand is very large. Large-scale food factories or supermarkets will store enough food. To prevent out of stock.

3. In order to prevent the brittle food from colliding during transportation, the food is also directly separated by the correx layer pad. At this time, it is necessary to use some EVA foam to fill the gap to make it firmer and the food is not easy to shake.


Three types of food are commonly packaged with corflute layer pads:

1. Food in plastic bottles - carbonated drinks and fruit juices are generally packaged in plastic bottles with high sugar content. If there is leakage, it will attract mosquitoes, which is very unsanitary. The use of corflute layer sheets can hold beverages or juices well and prevent them from tilting and leaking.

2. Glass bottled food - Beer and jam are generally packaged in glass bottles, which are very fragile foods. Once they collide, broken glass can easily cut people, so using corflute layer pads can largely prevent this from happening.

3. Metal canned food - Canned food and milk powder are generally packaged in metal cans, and the use of corrugated plastic layer pads can prevent friction between them and prevent them from collapsing.

Process of correx layer pad:

1. The raw material polypropylene will start to deteriorate from around 280°C, so the heating temperature should be operated below 270°C, and its molecular orientation is very strong.

2.  Use a high pressure former to extrude the correx board.

3.  Cut the pp correx board according to the customer's demand for the size of the corflute layer pad.

4.  If the customer needs the sealed correx layer pad, the edge is sealed by professional hot-melt technology.

5.  If the customer needs the tier sheet with frames, the four sides shall be press-cut and fixed by Velcro or rivets.

6.  For other customized models, customized solutions will be designed according to specific requirements.


In a word, the correx layer pad plays a very important role in the food industry. If you need to buy or customize the correx layer pad, you can contact our customer service. We are a leading manufacturer with extensive experience, a professional team, and first-class customer service. We always strive to provide customers with a more convenient and professional one-stop overall solution.

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