Corrugated pp floor protection sheet , custom size and color

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The corrugated pp floor protection sheet is one of the products offered by Huiyuan. Huiyuan is a professional manufacturer of Polypropylene hollow sheets(also known as correx protection sheets, corflute floor protection sheets, etc). The product is produced by the method of extrusion. 

Huiyuan corrugated plastic products have many industrial applications, in construction, they can be used as plywood alternatives in applications such as floor protection and formwork.

Polypropylene corrugated sheets as floor protection sheets in construction


Polypropylene is a tough but lightweight material that has excellent durability for various applications such as advertising, packaging, covers and many more. It has also been used widely for plastic floor protection (or temporary covers). Recyclable plastic has been widely used as an alternative that replaced traditional floor protection cover on construction sites, made from plywood and hardboard, due to its high impact resistance and low cost.


These plastic floor protection (or covers), help to protect floors from paint spills, scratches from sharp or rough edges, and damage caused by fallen heavy objects. Hence, it helps improve the overall safety aspect of everyday construction work. Furthermore, unlike alternatives material such as plywood or hardboard, plastic floor protection can be used multiple times and provide cost-efficiency in the long run.


How to use plastic floor protection?


Huiyuan Plastic Floor Protection is available in sheets or rolls. The product is simple to install and can cover large areas swiftly. It is commonly cut and shaped to fit any space, even the most unusual ones. The product usually comes in white or black sheets, from recycled materials.


Installation is very easy as it is comparatively lighter than its alternative (plywood and hardboard). It can also fit uneven corners or foundation beams by cutting the shape accordingly, easily with simple tools such as blade cutters. While a hacksaw is needed to cut plywood and tends to be burdensome and time-consuming. Applicators also can connect the boards with ease just by applying tapes.

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Huiyuan corrugated pp floor protection sheets and rolls are widely used in the Construction Industry with many various purposes to protect Floors, Windows & Doors and Surface Protection throughout a site. Protecting floor surfaces on construction and building sites is a big task and with Polypropylene floor protection as the right tool, it can be easily managed and valuable assets can be well-protected.

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