Huiyuan PP tree guards exported to Australia

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Corrugated plastic tree guards Australia produced by Huiyuan and exported to Australia. Corflute plant guards provide seedlings with the help they need to fight environmental, chemical and animal damage - we all know that hares and other animals can wreak havoc on seedlings. Intensifying winds and other extreme weather events often also affect how seedlings thrive. PP plastic tree guards Australia are made of environmentally friendly non-toxic polypropylene. According to Huiyuan statistics, the country that exports the most corflute tree guards is Australia, followed by New Zealand.


Why is there so much demand for tree guards Australia?

As the fourth largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, Australia needs to grow a wide variety of plants. In order to protect these plants from healthy growth, a large number of corflute plant guards are needed. And there are some cute animals almost everywhere in Australia, such as kangaroos, koalas, hares, etc., but they can also hurt some newly planted seedling plants when they are naughty. So some measures need to be taken to solve this problem, so Huiyuan corflute tree guards appeared in beautiful Australia. These sapling tree protectors can also be bought locally in Australia, but the unit price will be more expensive. If the demand is large, the demander will basically choose a country with a cheap price to buy. And China is one of the biggest markets that can meet their requirements.


Features of Huiyuan corrugated plastic tree guards

  • The service life is 2-3 years, depending on the environmental conditions and the growth rate of the seedlings

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable, the raw material is high-quality polypropylene.

  • Good weather resistance, and can adapt to all kinds of bad weather.

  • Can be folded, unfolded as a flat panel, very easy to transport

  • Easy to install with just one hardwood stake.

  • People can reuse them and have a long lifespan.

  • "Quick Fold" saves installation time and labor costs

  • Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

  • Water and moisture-proof.

  • Corflute plant guards make it easier for [growers], but most importantly their environmental value and use value.

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Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. manufactures and develops various plastic products. Corflute tree guards are just one of a range of products that offer a smart protection solution for young plants. If you need other polypropylene plastic products, please feel free to contact us. Our ultimate goal is to customize for each client's needs.

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