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Features of Corflute Box

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Polypropylene corflute box is recognized as a new generation of corrugated cardboard reusable packaging alternative. When cardboard boxes cannot meet the packaging needs of products and companies, custom coroplast boxes are mainly considered.


The corrugated polypropylene box is similar to corrugated paper in structure, style, and purpose, but the corrugated plastic box can be reused many times because it is durable, reusable, and waterproof.

The danpla box does not generate dust like cardboard, and its easy-to-wash and clean surface makes it ideal for medical, pharmaceutical, cleanroom applications, and other places where cleanliness is required.


Special treatment of custom coroplast boxes:

  • Flame Retardant - Burn rate will be significantly lower than the standard corrugated board.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) treated - longer life on paper and outdoor printing.

  • Anti-static (ESD) - PP ESD storage boxes can protect against static electricity.

  • Corona Treatment - to ensure better ink adhesion to most adhesives.


Features of Corflute Box

1. Handles and accessories can be installed

Our reusable custom coroplast boxes can be extended to other elements such as hooks, poppers, hook and loop stacking corners, bumpers, hand holes, and more. Handles of any size and shape can be added to corrugated boxes using cutting dies, followed by a range of molded plastic parts and fixtures. This will help the packaging be practical, eye-catching and suitable for a specific use case.

2. Use with liners/dividers

Dividers are used to help protect package contents during shipping to minimize movement. They are primarily used to send multiple products in one package, but can also be used to store products consistently and securely (meaning the end user is more likely to keep the package). The number, size, color, and thickness of the partitions can be customized.

3. Printing LOGO, pictures, copywriting

As a cheaper alternative to signs, it has a smooth surface and is easy to print. Most commonly, simple one-color or two-color screen printing will be used to create logos, text, and branding. We give you the freedom to add any graphics, images, and text you want and need.

4. Environmentally friendly materials

The corflute box is made of eco-friendly polypropylene corrugated cardboard. It provides all the advantages of cardboard plus durability, water, moisture, dust, moisture, and chemical resistance (such as acids, detergents, grease, and oil, etc.).

5. Can be reused

For supply chain applications, reusability offers huge benefits in terms of control and cost reduction if the lead time allows for returning boxes.

6. Recyclable

In addition to reducing costs, recyclability also reduces resource usage and environmental impact. This is an important factor in resource reuse. Also, all these custom coroplast boxes are made of eco-friendly polypropylene which is 100% recyclable.

7. Lightweight and durable

Corrugated polypropylene boxes from Huiyuan can be recycled or used as unidirectional packaging for products that require extra protection. Corrugated plastic boxes are lightweight but much better than cardboard boxes for carrying heavy loads.

8. Ingenious structural design

Additional benefits of Huiyuan corrugated plastic cases include the ability to stack, nest, lock, and fold flat for storage. Design the style that works best for you based on your usage scenario. Maximum cost savings for you.


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