Application of different thickness of pp plastic board

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PP plastic board has the characteristics of lightweight, uniform thickness, smooth surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and insulation, and non-toxicity. polypropylene panels are widely used in chemical containers, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, food packaging, medicine, decoration and water treatment, and other fields. The practical temperature of the PP sheet can reach 100 degrees.



Different thickness of PP plastic board has different applications

Thick polypropylene sheet

  • Stamping plate

  • Punch mattress board

  • Water tank

  • Acid and alkali-resistant equipment

  • Wastewater and exhaust gas discharge equipment

  • Other industrial boards

Thin polypropylene sheet

  • Wire and cable wrapping protection

  • Billboard

  • Stationery

  • PP tote bag

  • Food packaging

  • Washing machine back panel

  • Refrigerator insulation layer


Advantages of PP plate sheet

  • Food grade

  • Thermoformable

  • Excellent impact resistance

  • Excellent moisture resistance

  • Very high chemical resistance

  • Higher scratch resistance than HDPE


Specification of PP material sheet

PP plastic board is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PE. Because homopolymer PP is very brittle at temperatures above 0°C, many commercial PP materials are random copolymers with 1-4% ethylene addition or pincer copolymers with higher ratio ethylene content.

Huiyaun polypropylene panels are divided into thin sheets and thick sheets. The thickness of the thin PP sheet is generally 0.5mm - 20mm arbitrarily selected. The thickness of the thick PP sheet is 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm, because the thickness of the machine cannot be adjusted arbitrarily like thin sheets, so the thicknesses are standard thicknesses, and thick sheets are required. Customers can choose the closest thickness polypropylene sheet.

Generally, the width of the PP solid sheet on the market is 2000mm, but Huiyaun can achieve 3000mm, and the maximum width is mainly determined by the maximum adjustment range of the machine. The recommended sizes are generally: 1500 x 3000mm, 1220 x 2440mm, 1000 x 2000mm.


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