Plastic layer pads and its industry standards

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Plastic layer pads are getting popular with time. They are recyclable, reusable, and easy to use. These pads are sustainable due to which they stand apart. For that reason, the China plastic layer pads manufacturers are getting good business.

Plastic layer pads and its industry standards

If you are one of the China plastic pads suppliers, then you will be able to know that these pads are excellent in hygiene. Plastic doesn't give off any type of fibers like other materials. Also, it does not produce any contaminants onto the surface. It could be washed easily with high-temperature solutions. Similar to the paper layer pads, these plastic components come in corrugated and solid-board constructions. Corrugated plastic layer pads surely provide contamination to settle inside the cells throughout the edges. For that reason, it is good to utilize the corrugated plastic layer pads that have proper sealing on the edges. However, any rupture present in the two surfaces of the corrugated "sandwich" could enable interior contamination. That probability is removed with the utilization of the firm plastic layer pads.


Plastic is recyclable, but compared to recycle paper; recycled plastic is more chemically similar to a virgin. The dependability of the plastic layer pads makes recycling them quite easy and practical. The life of these plastic pads is easy to measure in years. You can also tell how many decades they could last.

Plastic Layer Pads

Plastic Industry Standards

On January 12, 2019, the first China Recycled Plastic Industry Standards and Technology Innovation Conference were grandly held in Guangzhou Guangdong Asia International Hotel. This conference was supported by the competent government department. It is supported by the China Recyclable Resources Recycling Association Recycling Plastics Branch, the Recycling Plastics Industry Standards Working Committee, the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Guangdong Recycling Plastics Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, and Guangdong New Supply and Marketing Tianbao Recycling Resources Group. And so on.

At this conference, the formulation of China's recycled plastic industry standards has attracted much attention from the industry. The Secretary-General of the Recycling Plastic Industry Standards Working Committee of the China Recycling Resources Recycling Association and Professor Lu Xiaozhong of the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology interpreted the relevant content of the China Recycling Resources Recycling Association "Plastic Recycling Particle Group Standards" which was being formulated and extensively solicited Comments and suggestions from the industry.

The successful holding of the first China Recycled Plastics Industry Standards and Technology Innovation Conference demonstrates that strong cooperation between industry associations and industry technology alliances will play an important role in promoting the formulation of China's recycled plastics industry standards, and will further help the recycled plastics industry to "scatter pollution" The disorderly development has been transformed into a "scale, standardization, and environmental protection" upgrade. At the same time, another set of "industry-study-research" linkages for the domestic recycled plastics industry, diversified recycling of household waste plastics, and international trade of high-quality recycled plastic green raw materials have been established—an excellent platform for win-win cooperation.

Final Words

All China plastic layer pads suppliers had to follow the industry standards to stay in the market. China is one of those countries that does not compromise on the quality standards of the items. Thus, if you want to be in this business, then meet the industry standards.


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