PP corrugated plastic sheet used as a divider in the school restaurant canteen

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The PolyPropylene corrugated plastic sheets also known as PP corrugated sheets are made with two layers of recycled plastic with corrugation between them. Corrugation are thin structural tubes used to add strength to plastic.

These sheets are rigid and durable and provide complete surface protection to avoid damaging floors.


PP Corrugated Sheets


Corrugated plastic consists of an extruded polypropylene sheet that has excellent strength and is lighter than wood and other solid plastic sheets.

Also known as coroplast, it is a very economical and resistant material, which means that it is an excellent substitute for wood, cardboard or plastic sheets.

Both the thickness and weight of the PP corrugated plastic sheet can be engineered to cater for specific requirements through enhanced compression.


Features of the PP corrugated plastic sheets

Generally, the PP corrugated plastic sheet provide excellent impact protection, such as those from heavy machinery, foot traffic, dropped tools, mortar, bricks and more.

· Corrugated plastic protects fragile products

· Fits any shape

· Tensile, chemical and perforation resistance  

· High durability

· Structural strength


PP Corrugated Sheets


Corrugated plastic is characterized by its resistance to water and various chemicals, making it a very good choice for various general commercial and industrial applications.

Commonly used in exterior and interior signage, signs, advertisements, for automotive, pharmaceutical, agricultural, mining, food and beverage industry packaging manufacturing and for visual communication applications.

We have recently introduced a special type of PP corrugated plastic sheet used as a divider in the school restaurant canteen. Bearing everyone in mind, we provide cheap and affordable option for those who setting up a restaurant business.

Corrugated Plastic is highly used in returnable packaging between companies that manufacture plastic or metallic components that will later be assembled into another final product.

PP Corrugated Sheets


The PP Corrugated plastic is made up of two flat, parallel layers joined by ribs along its entire length; manufactured by the extrusion process.



For its transfer, it is recommended to place the sheet vertically with a slight inclination. This technique will help to protect the entire sheet and the edges from mechanical pressure which could lead to scratch and roughness.



The PP corrugated sheet are manufactured in wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and even resistors. Such variety is aimed at increasing applicability and satisfying the various market demands.


· Place it slightly inclined to prevent it from flexing too much.

· Protect with cardboard or plastic.

· Never put heavy objects on top, to avoid scratching or mistreating the edge

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