Advantages of plastic layer pads

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Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co,.Ltd. is a certified professional corrugated plastic sheet manufacturers, place research and development, sales, design in one. They have a strong technical force and excellent testing equipment.

There is a complete variety of products, superior quality, reasonable prices, quick delivery, thoughtful service, novel design. The most appreciable thing for customers is its practical design and good quality products.

A perfect way to package your product is through plastic layer pads. China plastic Layer Pad factory made high- quality corrugated plastic sheet. The products like aluminum cans or plastic or glass bottles can be transported effectively with plastic layer pads. Plastic layer pads are made up of hollow plastic plates and so-known as a plastic partition as well. Its four sides are sealed are welded as it is made up of polypropylene corrugated sheets. It’s a divider sheet for moving glass bottles that it improve stacking efficiency as well as reduce the cost of packaging. The partition board in product packaging can avoid the extrusion and crash of articles. It has high tensile, flexural, compressive, aging, and tearing strength. It is available in a single, double and triple layer. Based on its application and requirement of rigidity the thickness of the wall can be decided. To support heavy loads, Layer pads can be crumpled. The advantages of plastic layer pads are as follows:

Plastic Layer Pads

· A most hygienic way to pack the products is extrusive plastic layer pads.

· Plastic layer pads are weather resistant.

· It is dust-free as compared to timber.

· They are reusable so it is cost-effective for the business.

· washable.

· lightweight but very strong.

· has a radius corner that keeps the product safe.

· To emphasize your brand, the brand logo can be printed on it as well.

· Its layer is water-resistant.

· The plastic sheets used to make it are recyclable that reduce the mark on our planet.

· It can be stored outdoor because of its weatherproof nature.

· Plastic layer pads are more economical than cardboard as considering the time.

· anti-chemical.

· flame retardant.

compression resistant and shakes proof.

· non-toxic and odorless.

· rich in color.

· Wood boards are less tough and high in price and the edges and corners damage the products in the process of packaging while layer pads are thick, hard and tough depending on customer’s demand. If they need it edged it can be edged but there are very less china plastic layer pads suppliers that provide edge sealing technology.

· They are easy to manufacture, custom-made cut shapes.

· It is very easy to handle and load.

· Its Clean-look boosts the brand image.

Plastic Layer Pads

· It minimizes product loss and wastage.

· It supports most environmental action plans

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