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The china floor protection sheet factory is designed suitably for vertical surfaces in addition to the floors. It is perfect for protecting surfaces such as laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, marble, and ceramic wood. It is also idea for partition and glass walls.

A major component of the china floor protection sheet is the high density polypropylene which does not absorb moisture, is odorless and non-toxic and also is resistant to corrosion. Other good properties of the product is its rich color variety which gives it a good appearance, and its light weight.

Other features include tear performance, compression and flexibility, tensile strength, high bearing ability, anti-aging and anti-bending properties. Depending on the customization requirement, the thickness of the product can be made as 3 to 5 millimeters.

In addition to being a product for the homes, the china floor protection sheet can also be used for office and cultural stationery and more.

floor protection sheet manufacturer


1. High durability, good tensile strength of the sheet and light weight.

2. Excellent resistance to weather conditions, resistant to moisture, and water proof

3. resistant to long-term fading, resistant to impact and chemicals as well

4. resistant to corrosion, non-toxic, washable, can be recycled making it an environmental friendly product.

5. Virgin materials for food contact packing




1.Advertising Board: Other use of the product include light box board, brand mark, show board and more.

2.Packaging Material: it is used in place of the traditional packing materials such as the wood board, corrugated paper and others.

3.Turnover box: The protection sheet can be used as the container of drink, food, electric parts and more to avoid damages that may occur as a result of electrostatic forces.


It could be overwhelming when looking for reputable a China floor protection sheet manufacturer for your interior décor. However, there tips to guide you in selecting the best and get the best for your money. Firstly, you need to ensure that the manufacturer has a good reputation. That is, he must have had previous recommendations from past customers. You can either access their website to look at the reviews by clients to guide you on the type of services they render. houses a team of experienced professionals who are focused on manufacturing high quality products. Available in the china floor protection sheet factory are a wide range of high-tech equipment as well as other machines to maintain increased production efficiency. Also, the wide range of machines are handled by competent technicians and quality control analysts to ensure that the quality of the china floor protection sheet product is not compromised.

For your retail businesses, you can liaise with as a reputable manufacturer to ensure your constant supply of the china floor protection sheet. You can be sure to get the best quality product at the best price. By so doing, you can make a name as a supplier.

What are you waiting for? You can always contact us at for all the questions concerning our product and we are ever ready to take you through every step to ensure you get the best for your money. 


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