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Is corflute waterproof?

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Is corflute waterproof? In today's field of packaging materials, corflute sheets have attracted much attention due to their unique properties. Especially its waterproof performance is the first choice of many users. But why do corflute boards have such excellent waterproof properties? Let’s take a closer look.


We need to understand what is corflute.

Corflute sheets, also known as corrugated plastic sheets, coroplast boards, correx sheets, PP hollow sheets, fluted polypropylene sheets, are waterproof and moisture-proof sheets. Because of its internal cavity structure, it has good sound insulation and heat insulation effects. It is also light in weight, high in strength, and easy to process and install. And its waterproof performance is a highlight of the hollow board.


The waterproof performance of hollow core plastic sheets is mainly due to its special production process andmaterial selection. Coroplast sheets use high-quality polypropylene as the main raw material, which has good waterproof properties and weather resistance. At the same time, the cavity structure of corflute sheets also plays a very good waterproof role, which can effectively prevent moisture from entering.


In addition, the surface treatment of pp corrugated board is also an important guarantee for its waterproof performance.  By carrying out special treatment on the surface of pp hollow sheets, such as coating with waterproof coating or applying waterproof membrane, its waterproof performance can be further improved, so that it can maintain good use results in various harsh environments.


In short, the waterproof performance of corflute is one of the important reasons for its wide application. Whether in construction, packaging, automotive, or other fields, plastic corrugated sheets can meet various needs with their excellent waterproof properties. Is corflute waterproof? That’s it for the introduction.

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