Can folding pp boxes replace cardboard folding boxes?

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Folding pp boxes are boxes made of corrugated plastic sheets, and their raw material is environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene. Folding pp boxes are also called plastic corrugated foldable boxes, folded coroplast containers, etc. PP corrugated boxes are waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion, an excellent substitute for cardboard boxes.


Why foldable corrugated plastic box can replace cartons?

  1. First of all, the style of the carton can be completely copied by pp corrugated box. Shoe boxes, gift boxes, fruit and vegetable boxes, pizza boxes, etc. in the market can all be made of PP corrugated sheets.

  2. Corrugated polypropylene boxes are more durable than cartons, which can better protect products and prevent leakage, extrusion, and other problems.

  3. PP packaging boxes have a particularly good waterproof and moisture-proof effect, and it is also convenient to clean stains with water. The carton will become soft when it meets water and lose its bearing capacity.

  4. Corrugated plastic boxes are very resistant to friction and will not produce paper dust, so they are clean and hygienic to use.

  5. The color of the PP corrugated bin is very bright, richer than that of the carton. And the color can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  6. Folding corrugated plastic boxes can be printed, and the ink is not easy to fade. You can print your brand LOGO or text.

  7. Corrugated plastic crates can be recycled, which is 60 times that of cartons. Reduce purchase frequency and improve work efficiency.

  8. Custom corrugated plastic boxes can also be made into anti-static, flame-retardant, UV-resistant, or conductive according to the use environment.

  9. Waste corrugated plastic containers can be recycled and reprocessed into other plastic products or reprocessed into cheap boards.

  10. In short, the characteristics of cartons are all covered by reusable corrugated plastic boxes. The versatility of corrugated pp box is beyond the reach of a carton



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