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Are there still many people who use disposable cardboard boxes to move? Here I recommend a PP plastic wardrobe box, which is made of high-quality moving materials (polypropylene), which can make your moving days much easier. Remember that old adage, "You get what you pay for?" The same holds true for packaging supplies and just about anything else. While you can save money by reusing old boxes and employing creative packaging techniques, purpose-built wardrobe boxes do have their place.


What are Boxes For Clothes Moving?

Wardrobe Packing Boxes are special mobile boxes for storing clothes that you'd rather hang than fold. They are usually taller than regular moving boxes, are made from environmentally friendly polypropylene, and include a metal boom. Like most moving boxes, wardrobe boxes are usually easy to assemble and collapsible. The corrugated plastic wardrobe boxes designed by Huiyuan have Velcro to facilitate the closing and opening of the boxes. Whether you rent a truck or hire the best professional movers, Huiyuan PP corrugated wardrobe boxes are the easiest and safest way to pack your clothes.


Where to buy wardrobe moving boxes?

If you are moving for yourself, you can buy a wardrobe moving box from almost any website or store that sells moving and packing supplies, although the sizes available may vary.

If you are a moving company, an agent, a box leasing business, or a person with high demand, you can directly choose the manufacturer to buy. Huiyuan corrugated plastic manufacturer can customize the size, color, and printing LOGO of the moving box for you. And the price is much cheaper than retail stores.


Advantages of plastic box wardrobe

  • waterproof

  • preservative

  • chemical resistance

  • reused

  • environmentally friendly

  • customizable

  • printable

  • cost-effective

  • easy to clean

  • foldable


Why choose Huiyuan plastic wardrobe boxes for moving

Not everyone needs a wardrobe when moving. For clothes on the dresser, ordinary cardboard moving boxes or plastic storage boxes will suffice. However, if you have hanging clothes, reusable plastic wardrobe boxes will help keep them from wrinkling and simplify the packing and unpacking process.

Polypropylene plastic wardrobe boxes are most commonly used for dresses, suits, skirts, pants, dress shirts, and blouses that tend to snag or wrinkle. They offer a little more protection than regular moving or shipping cases. Plus, they allow you to hang your clothes on the hangers instead of taking them off and folding them up.


About Huiyuan corrugated plastic supplier

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd is committed to providing customers with more professional products, more competitive prices, and more comprehensive services. Using our actions to make the greatest efforts for the environmental protection of the earth, is Huiyuan Plastics' commitment. We have professional knowledge, an excellent and experienced design team, and high-quality customer service staff to provide customers with more convenient and professional one-stop overall solutions.

Huiyuan plastic corrugated box manufacturers In addition to customizing plastic wardrobe boxes, they also customize other products, such as corrugated plastic packaging boxes, coroplast shipping boxes, correx pick bins, pet breeding cages, storage boxes, post boxes, temporary shelters, sapling protection, etc.

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