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Corrugated plastic roll(also known as corflute roll, correx roll, coroplast roll) is made from high quality harmless polypropylene, it’s normally used as waterproofing material on building & construction sites or protection material for walls, floors, stairs windows and many other surfaces, the colors, thickness and sizes can be made to your specific needs, due to its hollow structure, black corrugated plastic roll is quite light, in the meantime very strong.

Parameters of corrugated plastic roll

Product Name:

Corrugated plastic roll/coroplast roll/corflute roll


Floor Protection, Packaging, Wall Protection, Etc


2-4 Mm, Or Customized




White,Blue, Grey, Colorful, Customized


Custom Size


Eco-friendly Polypropylene


Flat, Smooth


Recyclable, Cost-effective, Eco-friendly, Durable,Heavy Duty,waterproof,etc


Accept Customized Logo


Professional Design Team


Free A4 Size Sample, Free

Benefits of correx rolls

Because corrugated plastic roll has a wide range of uses and many beneficial achievements, it is sufficient to meet the more challenging protection needs.

Corrugated polypropylene roll can be customized according to size and individual customer requirements, and can be combined with many internal dividers and protectors. Corrugated plastic roll is strong, stable, durable and reusable, waterproof, non-corrosive, non-rot and easy to clean, so it effectively protects the product.

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We believe that only high-quality products and excellent services can bring us lasting business. all our products have been certificated by SGS and ISO9001, you can rest assured of our product quality. We will offer high quality corrugated plastic rolls at a reasonable price, welcome to contact us now.

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