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PP corrugated boxes can effectively reduce the demand for wood and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the supply chain. It is in line with the current sustainability and recyclability of economic development, so as to meet the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection. The corrugated plastic crates are made of non-toxic and recyclable polypropylene, and their production process is not only safe but also particularly hygienic. Due to the environmental protection advantages of pp corrugated boxes, more and more companies in the world choose this kind of box to replace traditional wooden boxes, iron boxes, etc.

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So, according to the different needs of different industries, what types of pp corrugated boxes can be divided into?

1. Corrugated Plastic Packaging Boxes

Most of the traditional packaging boxes are cardboard boxes, but such boxes have the poor bearing capacity and are not waterproof. In bad weather, the packaged goods are easily damaged by moisture. However, the corrugated plastic packaging boxes will not encounter this problem, because they not only have a super-strong bearing capacity but also are particularly waterproof and moisture-proof.


2. Corrugated plastic shipping boxes

In the logistics industry, the turnover of boxes is an important factor in choosing logistics boxes. However, the turnover of cheap boxes is too low, and the cost of boxes with many turnovers is too high. The advent of corrugated plastic shipping boxes not only solves the problem of turnover times but also reduces the cost problem.


3. Corrugated plastic storage boxes

The pp corrugated board can also be made into a storage box, which can not only be used in the office to store scattered office supplies but also at home, to store underwear or skincare products. It is rich in colors and can be customized according to the decoration style of your home, which is both stylish and simple.


4. Corrugated plastic box with dividers

For some small electronic products (mobile phones, tablets, electronic parts) or irregular hardware parts, the use of pp corrugated box with dividers can better protect the product, which can prevent the product from directly colliding and rubbing. If it is a fragile glass or bottle, EVA foam can be attached to the surface of the pp dividers to reduce the impact of fragile items.


5. Corrugated plastic vegetable and fruit packaging boxes

For vegetables and fruits, it is very important to be able to maintain their freshness. The pp corrugated fruit and vegetable box itself is made of non-toxic polypropylene, which can be in direct contact with food. Its hollow design can ensure enough ventilation so that fruits and vegetables can be stored for a longer time.


6. Corrugated plastic pet carrier

There are many pet boxes on the market, either fabric or metal. One is not easy to clean, and the other is not easy to install. The corrugated plastic pet carrier can be designed to be folded, its surface is smooth, it is not easy to be stained, and it is especially easy to clean.


7. Corrugated plastic totes

The corrugated plastic totes are generally used for receiving mail or sorting medicines in pharmacies. Due to the largemouth of the box, it is particularly easy to take and improve work efficiency.


8. Corrugated plastic shelf bins

Corrugated plastic shelf bins are often used in warehouses because they can be stacked and nested, which can save a lot of storage space. Using this kind of pick bin can keep your warehouse clean and tidy, making it easier for you to find the products you want.


9. Custom corrugated plastic boxes

In addition to some conventional pp corrugated boxes, custom corrugated plastic contianers are also very popular. Because some companies will specially customize boxes of their own style in order to highlight the difference of the company or improve the design sense of their products. Our pp corrugated boxes can not only be customized in different shapes and sizes but also can print your LOGO or other information. A unique box will also attract more customers.

The classification of pp corrugated boxes is introduced here. If you have a need to buy boxes, please contact pp corrugated box manufacturer now. We have a professional R&D team to design your own corrugated plastic crates for you.

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