Why are corrugated plastic tree guards so popular?

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Our corrugated plastic tree guard(also known as corrugated plastic tree wrap, corflute plant guard, corflute tree guard, corflute sapling protectors) is made of polypropylene plastic board/correx/coroplast/corflute board, a rigid plastic that is 100% recyclable and greatly increases the survival rate of young trees.

The benefits of the corrugated plastic tree guard:

1. Prevent the seedlings from being damaged by wind and rain, which can keep warm.

2. Prevent direct sunlight, reflect excess sunlight, and protect seedlings from exposure

3. Prevent the sapling from being accidentally injured when the machine cleans up weeds.

4. Prevent damage to saplings when spraying pesticides

5. The most important thing is to prevent the seedlings from being eaten by animals during the seedling period, resulting in seedling death.

6. Various colors can be customized according to the local natural environment, more eye-catching.

The details of plastic sapling protectors:


Corrugated plastic tree guards/corflute sapling protectors/corflut tree protector/corflute plant guard


PP (polypropylene)




Customized, round, square, triangular

Thickness (mm)

2mm, 3mm, or customized


300GSM—800GSM, or customized





Light green, white, transparent, Customized



They are very durable, install very quickly, and maintain their aesthetics much longer than other forms of tree guards.

These guards are welded at one seam or with tabs and easily folded elsewhere. Flat-packed for easy transport, they can simply be opened and the stakes inserted into specially pre-cut slits.

These guards are available with rectangular hardwood stakes that are specially machined to prevent the guard from spinning around the stake and damaging the plant. These guards are really quicker to install and use less time.

Shape: Triangular, square, round or customized


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