Which industries use corroplast sheets?

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Corroplast sheets are made from an environmentally friendly new material - polypropylene. This sheet has many advantages, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, friction-resistant and UV-resistant. Corroplast is also known as Coroplast, Correx, Corex, Corflute, Corrugated plastic sheets, Impraboard, etc.


So which industries will use corroplast sheets?

Packaging industry

Boxes made with plastic corrugated sheeting are replacing single-use cartons. Because corrugated plastic boxes are stronger and more durable than cardboard boxes, they are waterproof and moisture-proof, and they are not easy to rot. Can be used repeatedly up to about 60 times. In the long run, this is a very cost-effective packaging method.

4x8 corrugated plastic boards are often used in the advertising industry

The advertising industry needs to choose boards with excellent ink adhesion to make advertising boards. People usually choose 4 x 8 plastic sheets for corrugated sign boards. Because of the specially treated corroplast sheets, the printed color will be more durable and not easy to fade. People usually choose blank coroplast sheets for blank signs for yard because white is more economical and can be printed in any color.

Food Industry

Corrugated plastic divider sheets provide maximum product protection and load stability for combined loading of food, beverage, and industrial products. When combined with plastic pallets and top frames, it creates an efficient transport system for storage and transport. These reusable PP corflute layer pads are placed between canned foods, beverages, and beer. They are also used in many industrial applications to protect items.

Black corrugated plastic sheets are often used on construction sites

During construction work or renovation projects, one often needs a rub-resistant sheet to protect floors, walls, etc. from damage. Corrugated plastic floor protection sheets are very strong, durable and impact resistant, so they are loved by the construction industry.

In agroforestry, we often see corroplast sheets

Agroforestry enthusiasts like to make tree guards out of coroplast sheets to protect their hard-earned seedlings from bad weather and animals. Corflute plant guards are very easy to assemble and very lightweight. It can be used outdoors for about 2 years, just as the seedlings are already thriving.

PP anti static plastic sheet is commonly used in the auto parts industry

General auto parts are high-precision products, and most of them are irregular in shape. Therefore, corrugated plastic dividers are used to store these products, which can effectively prevent collisions between parts. And PP anti static plastic sheet dividers can effectively avoid static electricity between products.

Moving industry

The corrugated plastic wardrobe box holds your clothes for easy movement. Remember those expensive and bulky cardboard wardrobe boxes you used to buy and throw away? We have too. Because now you have a reliable and reusable option for moving clothes, coats, bulky ski gear, old Halloween costumes, and anything else on your hanger! When not in use, it can be folded and stored without taking up space.


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