Coroplast Shipping Boxes Features

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The corrugated polypropylene board(also known as coroplast sheet, pp hollow board) is very suitable as the material for the cooroplast shipping box, because the pp hollow board has strong wear resistance, so the coroplast shipping box will also be very durable. The coroplast boxes have three advantages, and then we will make a detailed answer.

1. First of all, coroplast board is a water-insoluble board. It has good moisture and mildew resistance during use. The coroplast storage box can effectively prevent external moisture from affecting the stability of the molecular structure of the box, and prevent mold from being used for a long time. The damp condition not only guarantees the integrity of its own products, but also greatly guarantees the integrity of the internal goods.


2. Secondly, in the production process of the coroplast shipping boxes, different auxiliary agents can be added to make boxes with different functions.

(1) Ordinary coroplast box: there is no need to add any auxiliary preparations. The produced crate is the most common and the most economical. It is usually used for packaging fruits and vegetables, seafood, etc.

(2) Fireproof boxes: fireproofing agents need to be added on the basis of raw materials. Our boxes can reach the V2 fireproof level and will not become a source of ignition.

(3) Anti-static box: Produce anti-static coroplast bin, which is widely used in electronic component products, mechanical equipment, etc.

3. In addition, the coroplast shipping box made of pp hollow board also has the advantage of lightweight. It is important to know that the hollow board is a material with a neat appearance and a hollow interior design, so its overall weight is very light, no matter it is in use or transportation, it will not cause any burden due to weight.


A qualified  coroplast shipping box is also a recyclable box, which can be used in logistics, express delivery, home furnishing and other industries, and has been unanimously recognized by customers in various industries since its birth. If you are interested in the coroplast shipping boxes, you can purchase them from a reliable coroplast box manufacturer according to your needs.

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