Four characteristics of coroplast material

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Coroplast material is also called correx material, corflute material, etc. It is made of polypropylene. Its surface is smooth. It has a variety of characteristics. So next we will introduce the characteristics of coroplast material.

First, the correx material has good molecular stability. The coroplast sheet has a special molecular structure. It can adapt to different environments. It is not easy to deform or break even if it is used for a long time. It is very durable.

Secondly, the correx material has very strong moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-vibration, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, sound insulation, ventilation, and heat preservation functions, the quality of coroplast material can be guaranteed to a large extent to avoid external influences on the board.


Third, the PP hollow board has the characteristics of recyclability. A good coroplast board can be used repeatedly in various fields. After use, the board can be simply cleaned and maintained to better improve its use effect and service life. According to statistics, the overall cycle times of the coroplast material can reach 50 times, which is very cost-effective.

Fourth, the coroplast board is environmentally friendly and harmless. PP plastic hollow board is a kind of board with no peculiar smell, no irritation, and no radiation. It will not cause adverse effects on the human body, let alone cause pollution to the air and soil. The above points are related to the characteristics of the coroplast board. On our website, there are many introductions about coroplast material products, and interested friends can take a look.

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