What should be paid attention to when using corrugated plastic storage bins?

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Corrugated plastic storage bin(also known as coroplast storage bin, correx storage bin, polyflute storage box, correx bin, corrugated plastic box, etc) is one of the deep processing products of pp hollow board. Compared with injection products, pp hollow board has the advantages of light weight, shockproof, flexible design structure, and no need to open injection molds. It is now widely used in many industries. The service life of the correx storage box is not only related to the quality, but also has a lot to do with the method of use. So how can the corrugated plastic storage bins be used to extend its life?


1. Do not exceed the carrying capacity of the corrugated plastic storage bins.

No matter how good the quality of the box is, there is a limit to the load. The weight of the goods cannot exceed the carrying capacity of the box, otherwise the box will be damaged due to its overweight;

2. Please do not leave the correx storage bin in the sun or rain for a long time.

Strong light will cause aging of the box, and finally shorten the service life of the correx box;

3. It is strictly forbidden to push, pull, drag or rub on the ground during transportation to avoid collision, and it is strictly forbidden to kick or step on the bin.

4. Pay special attention to the storage and folding of the coroplast storage bin.

The corners and wrap corners should be clamped in place to prevent the cabinet from falling and causing damage. Due to the self-weight of stacked boxes or the increased load-bearing capacity after loading the goods, it is strictly forbidden to drag the bottom box by the clasp hands, otherwise it will easily cause the clasp hands to fall off.

5. Ordinary pp corrugated storage bin is flammable.

Keep away from fire sources during use to ensure the safety of the turnover box and the goods;

6. the correx storage box is a recyclable material, and all the damaged hollow board turnover boxes should be stored together for centralized disposal.

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