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What is corflute signs?

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With the development of society, the advertising industry, as an important factor in promoting the commodity market, has attracted more and more attention. Corflute signs, as a new advertising display method, have been favored by many businesses on various occasions. This article will briefly introduce the application of corflute signs, what is corflute signs, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of PP corrugated signs with other advertising display methods to help readers have a deeper understanding of this product.

What is corflute signs?

Corflute signs, also known as coroplast signs, correx signs, or corrugated plastic signs, are advertising display devices made of a material called polypropylene. Coroplast signs are a material with light texture, high strength, excellent pressure resistance, easy processing, and recyclability. The patterns and fonts on the advertising board are used to display products and corporate images through high-precision inkjet printing. They have the characteristics of strong three-dimensionality and great visual impact. They are especially suitable for various promotional occasions such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and exhibitions.


Application of corflute signs printing

Because of its superior performance, 4x8 coroplast signs are widely used in various occasions that require advertising, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, streets, etc. Through correx signs, promote products and corporate image to attract the attention of consumers.


Custom corflute signs vs. other ad display methods

  1. Compared with traditional advertising light boxes, coroplast signs have a lower cost. The polypropylene material itself is cheap and can greatly reduce advertising production costs. At the same time, corrugated plastic signs are easy to install and replace, reducing transportation, installation, and maintenance costs.

  2. Compared with large outdoor billboards, correx advertising boards have higher safety. Due to its lightweight, high-strength material and strong wind resistance, printed coroplast signs remain stable in bad weather, reducing safety risks.

  3. Compared with traditional print advertisements such as posters, leaflets, etc., custom corrugated plastic signs have a greater visual impact. The three-dimensional effect and inkjet printing technology of corflute sheets make the advertising content more attractive and effectively improve the advertising effect.

  4. Compared with LED electronic displays, corflute signs have a longer service life. High-quality PP corrugated sheets are anti-aging and corrosion-resistant, and can effectively maintain the color of advertising content for years and reduce the frequency of replacement.


Of course, corflute signs also have certain limitations: the advertising content is single and not as fast and fresh as the real-time updates of LED electronic displays. But overall, coroplast signs have obvious advantages in terms of cost performance, safety, and visual impact.


In summary, corrugated plastic signs, as a cost-effective, safe, and visually impactful advertising display method, have become an important consideration for merchants when choosing advertising methods. In the future, with the further optimization and innovation of correx signs, I believe it will occupy a more important position in the advertising market.


That’s all about what is corflute signs, thank you for reading! If you need customized corflute signs, please contact us for a quote and design plan.

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