What are esd corflute boxes?

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Nowadays, static electricity problem has always been a troublesome problem.To work out the problem, esd corflute boxes come out and make a great difference in various fields.Compared with other ordinary boxes,it has many excellent advantages, and it is gradually becoming an indispensable and important logistics tool in modern society.


This kind of esd box is made of special anti-static materials, therefore it has good properties. In the electronic industry, static electricity problems are easy to be ignored. It is not a good thing, we ought to pay attention to it.

The accumulation of static electricity may cause a series of problems,such as the damage to the electronic products, even the fire and explosion. To avoid it, esd corflute boxes emerge. It can effectively eliminate electrostatic charges and avoid potential damage to products caused by static electricity,ensuring the high-quality of products.

Besides, it has other excellent advantages,such as waterproof and moisture-proof,lightweight,durable,impact-resistant,eco-friendly, shock-proof and etc. Based on the features above, it can effectively protect items from being affected by external factors during transportation and storage.

More importantly, it can be used for more than 3 years,which help to save a lot of money for enterprises and individuals. At the same time, it is eco-friendly and will not pollute the environment, and it is in line with the conception of sustainable development.

To sum up, esd corflute boxes play a vital role in various industries due to its advantages. Source factory can customize production, we provide free samples,if you have interest,welcome to contact us .

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