The advantages of corrugated plastic fruit and vegetable packaging boxes

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What are corrugated plastic fruit packaging boxes? It is a kind of eco-friendly box designed to help you store and transport fruit and vegetables. Besides, it can be folded as well, saving space significantly.The box is made of high-qualuty corflute sheets. It has many excellent performance,such as waterproof,moisture-proof,lightweight,durable,high load-bearing capacity and etc.

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Product Name:

Corrugated    plastic fruit and vegetable packaging boxes


Can be customized


Can be customized


Can be Customized


2mm-12mm or customized






Store and transport fruit and vegetables


Environmentally friendly、durable、waterproof、cost-effective、customizable


Available, Free

Concrete advantages are as follows:

Waterproof and moisture-proof:

It has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof capacity, and it is of vital importance to fruits and vegetables, thus ensuring the freshness and the quality of fruits and vegetables

Lightweight and high load-bearing:

It is relatively light in weight and easy for us to move. However,it has high load-bearing performance, it can withstand certain weight.

Foldable and stackable:

It can be folded,greatly saving space. At the same time, it is easy to stack.

Durable and impact-resistant:

Compared with carton boxes or others, it can be used for quite a long time, helping you save the cost. Moreover, it can withstand high pressure, protecting the fruits and vegetables effectively.

Cost-effective and customizable:

Size,color,shaple can customize production, we can print beautiful patterns on it. Most importantly, the price is rather cheap.

Practical applications of corflute boxes:

In addition to the application above, corflute boxes are widely used in various fields,such as logistics industry, packaging,transportation, warehouse management and etc. Source factory can customize production,we provide free samples for you to test. Welcome to contact us.

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