Things To Consider When Choosing Custom Corrugated Signs

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Signage is a wise and smart way of introducing your business to the public. Really a brilliant investment, if I may say.


However, to get value for the investment, you will need to consider the choice of materials used in building the custom corrugated sign.


When it comes to choosing materials for a corrugated sign, a thorough analysis is needed to make the right choice.


You will need a trusted and reliable custom corrugated signs professional to have the best shot on it.


As a guide, you need to assess the following factors to choose the best material for your corrugated signs.

Corrugated Plastic Sheets



1. Weather

A very important consideration for an outdoor corrugated sign is the weather.


You want to make sure your investment in the signage brings the desired result and last for a very long time doing this.


With this in mind, you need to assess the weather of your area to choose signage to go for.


Interestingly, custom corrugated signs manufacturers produce a wide range of signs that you can choose from that adapts well to the conditions in your area.


2. Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is one thing you should consider since you can mount the sign and leave it.


Sometimes, after a heavy storm, the board may be covered with dust and dirt could build up daily that makes disfigures it.


Therefore, choosing a material that requires low maintenance or that can be easily clean will work best.


3. Cost

Yes, the cost is important as you will go for a material that fits into your budget.


Though the best quality materials tend to be more expensive you can find a balance between cost-effectiveness and purpose for your business.


4. Lifespan

The durability of the signage is a good quality one should look for but for others what they want is for a short time.


This is dependent on the product to be advertised. You might want to change promotional signage more often than others.


So the ideal thing to do is to check whether the material will fit in well to your timeline.


5. Repairs and replacements

Regrettably, you need to prepare for possible damage. Even the most durable materials aren’t invulnerable.


So, what should be done is to investigate the nature of damage each of the media is susceptible to. Aluminum for example is prone to bending or dents.


Apart from this, you should make findings on whether you can mend the signs.


Some materials like acrylic might be long-lasting, but you cannot repair them when they crack or scratch, so you will need a replacement.


6. UV exposure

Well considering this factor, it deserves a whole section of its own.  Custom corrugated sign that are not illuminated need sunlight before we can see them.


This can affect many types of signs in the long run by causing it to wear down. Importantly the graphics and colors on the board can fade away.


This can mean a defeat of purpose since the one-time perfect board becomes difficult to read and not attractive again.


To avoid this, you will need to choose a material that is UV resistant for signs that are exposed directly to sunlight throughout the day.


Tips for protecting your outdoor corrugated signs

Yes, choosing the best materials could guarantee a long-lasting outdoor custom corrugated sign.


But this might not be enough as the prevailing weather can be very severe at your location.


In such a situation, you could take a few more steps to protect the sign such as:

1. Enquire from a reliable custom corrugated sign company about treatments or finishes that can be applied to protect the products such as UV-resistant ink.


2. Install sunshades over your signs to minimize the effect of sunlight on the graphics and color


3. You can mount your sign in a place where there is going to be shade for a better part of the day.


4. The positioning of the sign is very important in locations where the wind blows and the rain falls in a particular direction to avoid it.


5. For electronic and digital signatures, you can consider the installation of the cooling system. 



Choosing the right materials is a critical step in getting value for your investments on a custom corrugated sign for your business.


Hence having a trusted and reliable custom corrugated signs professional will save you a lot of headaches in making the right choice.


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