A Complete Guide About Correx Printing

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Correx, usually known as corrugated polypropylene is a long-lasting light-weighted, weatherproof corrugated plastic material that is mostly used for short-termed signage, display, and packaging materials.

 It is also a handy choice for your temporary signage needs, more so, it is designed in a way that makes it suitable for use both outdoor and indoor. Especially when effect and water-resistance are to be considered. 

 correx printing boards

There are various manufacturers of these Correx board printing materials, yet, the best quality product is those purchased from reliable manufactures of these products. 

Types of correx


The correx board comes in different types which could either be used for corflute signage in real estate, election campaign, and even special event signs.


They are the smallest signs and are an affordable correx material.


They are made of cheap white fluted materials that recyclable


Made of White corrugated correx boards which can be recycled and used both indoors and outdoors.


These are the large corrugated signs that are fully able to be recycled, suitable for indoors or outdoors use.

Use of Correx printing

The easiest and quickest way to update your signage and display material is by using a correx board printing. 

The correx board printing is done using a full-colored high definition printing. Eco-solvent inks ate used because they are ultraviolet light resistant and waterproof Correx sheets have much application including  

1.Point of sale display

2.Event graphics 

3.Folding displays

4.Temporary directional signage

5.Road/ Traffic / Construction sign

6.Event exhibitions and much other application

Properties of Correx

1.They come in a 4mm or 6mm or 10mm Thickness.The size of these boards makes it easy to be able to cut and shape them to your desire shapes to quickly fix them in place.


3.Twin walled polypropylene construction boards

4.While the sheet size is 1550mm x 3050mm

Advantages of correx printing

1.They are economical  signage for substrate

2.They are water-resistant

3.They can be easily carried about and fixed because they are lightweight

4.They are flexible with the bracket

5.Correx printing board can be fixed with the help of screw fixings and a large washer. The washer is to prevent the screw heads from splitting the substrate from side to side. 

6.The sign can be fixed to the bracket and then fixed to walls as a prominent signal or to existing poles

Limitation of Correx printing

1.The corrugated nature will appear on the signage and make it not have a smooth appearance.

2.It is not strong and so can be bent easily so they need to be supported with poles or walls if they are in an area that is exposed.


Correx printing is becoming an ideal choice for businesses that want an environmentally friendly material, and they come in different sizes and shape with surfaces that can be printed on. 

However, you can only get a high-quality ofcorrex printing boardsyou need for your correx printing from a dependable and professional manufacturer.


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