the differences between corrugated plastic sheet and ordinary sheet

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Brief Introduction:

In the packaging industry, the corrugated plastic sheets and ordinary sheets are two common materials. Although they seem similar, they have actually significant differences in structure, performance, application, etc. Below we will conduct a detailed comparative analysis between corrugated plastic sheets and ordinary sheets.


The difference in structure:

First of all, at the angle of structure ,it is obviously different from ordinary sheets. It adopts a multi-layer honeycomb structure design, and there are a large number of air layers inside, which makes it lighter in weight while ensuring strength. Ordinary sheets have a solid structure and no air layer, so they are relatively heavier.

The difference in performance:

Secondly, in terms of performance, the advantages of corrugated plastic sheets are more obvious. Due to its unique structural design, it has excellent compression resistance and can withstand large external forces without being easily deformed. At the same time, it also has good moisture-proof and dust-proof properties, and can meet the needs of use in various harsh environments. Although ordinary sheets have higher strength, their performance in terms of pressure resistance and moisture resistance is relatively poor.

In terms of application:

In terms of application, corrugated plastic sheets and ordinary sheets also have different scopes of application. Due to its lightweight, pressure-resistant and moisture-proof characteristics, it is widely used in logistics, packing, transportation and other fields, especially in industries with high packaging requirements, such as electronic products, precision instruments, etc. Ordinary sheets are more used in fields that require higher strength and stability, such as construction and furniture.

from the environmental perspective:

In addition, from the environmental perspective, it also has it own advantages. It is usually made of recyclable pp materials, which are not only recyclable, but also do not cause pollution to the environment when using. Ordinary sheets may use non-recyclable materials, which cause damage to the environment.


To sum up, there are significant differences between corrugated plastic sheets and ordinary sheets in terms of structure, performance, application and environmental protection. The corrugated plastic sheets occupy an important position in the packaging industry because of their lightweight, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly characteristics. They have broader application prospects, especially in fields with high packaging requirements. Ordinary sheets play an irreplaceable role in construction, furniture and other fields due to their high strength and stability. In practical applications, we can choose appropriate sheets according to specific needs so that we can have the best packaging effect.


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