Precautions For Corrugated Plastic Tote In Outdoor Use

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Corrugated plastic tote is a kind of corrugated plastic boxes, widely used in all industries from distribution to agriculture. Our pp corrugated totes combine the best load-bearing capacity, lightness, economy and reusability in one.

Today we will talk about the Precautions For Corrugated Plastic Tote In Outdoor Use.

Outdoor UV rays can shorten the lifespan of corrugated plastic tote bags. Their lifetimes can differ by a factor of five when used in two extreme environments. Therefore, when using it outdoors with strong ultraviolet rays, we recommend making a box with anti-ultraviolet function.

Different colors fade at different rates. For example, red and yellow fade the fastest, and white lasts the longest. Compared to the color of the product itself, the impact of surface printing is relatively small.

Temperature is another challenge. When the temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius or lower, the PP material starts to become brittle. The lower the temperature, the greater the effect. There is a possibility of cracking when subjected to severe impact. Therefore, when using it in a low temperature environment, we have to handle it with care.

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