PP layer pad trash box in public sanitation

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Plastic trash can is widely used in public sanitation, garbage classification in the process of centralized collection of domestic garbage and supporting automatic garbage dumping of sanitation vehicles. It is a good tool for the transportation of medical waste in the process of centralized treatment, and in order to meet the environmental- friendly requirement, PP layer pad trash box becomes the most frequent- used trash box in the street.


PP layer pad trash box is one kind of recyclable environmental protection product with good overall performance. Compared with other types of garbage cans, the production time of plastic garbage cans is shorter (generally, a plastic garbage can be produced in about 5 minutes), and the plastic garbage cans can be overlapped when they are designed, which greatly reduces the volume of product logistics, transportation and storage. The plastic garbage can is more superior to other material garbage cans, and the plastic lid is tightly filled, the can body does not deform for a long time, the box structure will not become fragile and deformed, and the features of heat resistance, antifreeze and acid resistance, alkali resistance, and easy cleaning are widely used now.


PP layer pad trash box

PP layer pad trash box for garbage classification

Garbage classification, which generally refers to a series of activities of classified storage, classified delivery and classified handling of garbage according to certain regulations or standards, so as to turn it into public resources. The purpose of classification is to improve the resource value and economic value of garbage and strive to use it for the best. PP layer pad trash box as the most popular dustbin in city sanitation, today plays a more and more important role in the environmental protection, which is in a great need.


HUIYUAN- PP layer pad trash box supplier

With a more than 15 years manufacturing experience, HUIYUAN company has a wide business range, from plastic recycling machine to almost all kinds of PP layer pad product, and it gradually becomes a leader in the plastic recycling industry.


HUIYUAN company is considered a reliable PP layer pad product supplier because of its design course and quality class of its process and product. Therefore, in recent years, HIYUAN also cooperates with lots of famous brand in the related industry, for example HAIER, AUCMA, SAMSUNG, HISENSE, TSINGTAO BEER, ROYALSTAR groups. Engaged in packaging design for more than 20 years, professional design only for customers to save space, save cost, reasonable design scheme was recognized by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.


PP layer pad trash box

With the certification of SO90001 and other authorities and professional institution, HUIYUAN’s product are familiar with all kinds of testing instruments, strict requirements, which helps to ensure the quality of products shipped.


Except providing reliable products, a considerate service also belongs to our customers, we could provide sample of your order before confirmation, and we also try our best to shorten the delivery cycle, to ensure you could receive the product ASAP, the pre-sale service and after-sale service are also included. So, if you are interested in PP layer pad trash box, please feel free to contact us!


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