pp layer pad exported to Africa

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Given that the serious situation of Covid-19, the manufacture industries have to shut down their producing temperately, and with the recovery of China nationwide situation, many factories continue to run their business. Recently, Huiyuan, a pp layer pad supplier has just exported a batch of products to the customers in Africa, and Huiyuan factory is looking forward to their feedback.

PP layer pad supplier

The material of pp and pp layer pad

PP is a colorless, odorless, nontoxic and translucent solid substance. Polypropylene (PP) is one kind of thermoplastic synthetic resin with excellent properties. It is a colorless and translucent thermoplastic light general plastic. It has chemical resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, high-strength mechanical properties and good wear-resistant processing performance, etc., which makes polypropylene rapidly developed and applied in many fields such as machinery, automobile, electronic and electrical equipment, architecture, textile, packaging, agriculture, forestry, fishery and food industry since it was invented.


PP layer pad is one kind of synthetic board that with small density, easy to weld and process, superior chemical resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. It’s non-toxic, tasteless which stand in line with environmental requirements. The main colors of them are white, but other colors can also be customized according to customer requirements.


PP layer pad supplier

Hui yuan---A reliable pp layer pad supplier

Hui yuan plastic product company is a pp layer pad supplier who has a more than 12 years experiences of manufacturing plastic products with full-automatic integration technology, which gradually plays an important role in the industry in China. The factory is located in Suzhou, which is nearby Shanghai in China, and the rapid development of economy in Shanghai also drive Suzhou to be a economic developed city.


The factory of Hui yuan covers an area of around 40000 square meters of lands, and has 5 advanced production lines with full sets of auxiliary machines running 2 shifts each day, which ensure the productivity as well as the quality of the product. Therefore, the output could reach 20000 ton every year.


Hui yuan company thinks highly of research and development, and Hui yuan has a professional team to deal with the technology innovation, which is really helpful to increase the productivity and well as enhance the product performance in a new way.


Company products include Corrugated plastic sheets, corrugated pp sheet, pp twin wall sheet, pp fluted sheet, pp hollow sheet, corflute, correct, coroplast, fruits/vegetables plastic corrugated box, corrugated pp plastic pad/tray and corrugated plastic boxes. The customers of Hui yuan are from all over the world. Especially from USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Canada, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Turkey, and Denmark, and we also established a good partner relationship with them, some are even long term.


If you are seeking for a reliable pp layer pad supplier, please contact Hui yuan whenever you need, the product you received would be resisting dirt, grease and water, at the same time, it’s hygienic and bug resistant. Secondly, it’s rigid and durable for long-term use, washable and reusable pp layer pad is easy- maintenance and it can be kept for a long time.  




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