What is the PP corrugated sheet?

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PP corrugated sheet is a pollution-free, recyclable, and environmentally friendly material and its raw material is polypropylene (PP). Corrugated plastic sheets are hollow plastic sheets made of two parallel sheets connected by vertical ribs. This material is recyclable and reusable. Corrugated board plastic is light in weight, impact-resistant, and waterproof. It is a high-quality packaging material and is widely used in advertising printing, industrial packaging, product protection, and other fields.

Corrugated plastic has many different names, such as Correx, Coroplast, Polyflute, Corflute, Polyplast, Impraboard, etc.


Technical parameters of bulk coroplast sheets

Plastic corrugated sheet is produced in the following dimensions in sheet and coil with a tolerance of -3 to +3mm.

  • Panel width: recommended not to exceed 2600mm

  • Panel length: no limit, it is recommended not to exceed the length of the container.

  • Maximum roll length: no limit - standard length: 50 m

  • Color: black, white, blue, green, or customized color

  • MOQ: 500KG


The reference table of thickness and grammage of cheapest correx boards
















To enhance the basic performance of pp corrugated sheet, the produced sheet is

  • Surface Treatment - Ink Treatment

  • UV stabilized

  • Conductive

  • non-flammable

  • Anti-static


In addition, polyplast board has several favorable properties that make it suitable for a wide range of applications. all these are:

  • cold resistance

  • chemical resistance

  • water resistance

  • durability

  • reusability

  • Recyclability

  • easy to clean

  • Ease of processing

  • Various colors can be produced

  • Ease of printing

  • Gluing ability

  • Solderability


Applications of wholesale corrugated plastic boards

Electronic industry

Anti-static corrugated plastic sheets can be used as liners or dividers to protect semi-finished products and electronic components while storing and moving.

Automobile manufacturer

Components, handling units/equipment, and production waste can be stored in corrugated plastic packaging for temporary or continuous storage.



Protects semi-finished glass and crystal while storing and moving. Coroplast boards can be used together with EVA, foam cotton, and other fabrics to reduce collision or friction of glass products. Can be reused many times without scratching the glass.


Glass factory and cannery

Another application of Corflute sheets is as a loading and unloading partition. Sheets are supplied in the same dimensions as pallets and the edges are welded or mechanically sealed to meet hygienic regulations. This sealing plate is easy to clean and can be reused many times.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Applications for this material are the packaging of ampoules, tablets, and vials of various sizes. The advantage of reusable "PP corrugated board" is that it can be sterilized at high temperatures.



UV-resistant polypropylene corrugated sheets can be used to protect saplings. PP tree guards can protect plants from wildlife and influence internal temperature and light intensity to stimulate growth. Corrugated plastic tree protectors, usually light green in color, are available in custom sizes.


Office technology, the advertising industry

White corrugated plastic sheets 4x8 are often used as advertising boards, display boards, house promotions, etc. We have also designed PP folders and writing pads for customers, which are retailing on Amazon.


Furniture industry

Protects fragile edges during transport. It effectively solves the distress of young people who often move.


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