Postal Totes Corrugated Plastic for Storing Sorted Parts

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Postal totes corrugated plastic is a container used to store and handle parts and materials. They are very portable and can be nested to save space when not in use. Corrugated plastic trays have larger openings as they go up for easy access to goods. Staff can place them on fixed shelves and sort them by product category. Handles can be installed on both sides according to customer requirements, which is more convenient to move.


Specifications for postal totes corrugated plastic include:

  • Top mouth length and width requirements

  • Bottom length and width requirements

  • Vertical height between opening and bottom

  • Choice of box color

  • Choose the thickness of the plate

  • Note: the opening tends to be larger than the bottom


Materials of Corrugated Plastic Mail Trays

Corrugated Plastic Mail Tote manufactured by Huiyuan is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic polypropylene. A metal ring is used at the opening to enhance stability, or it is not necessary. Polypropylene is a rigid thermoplastic polymer that provides drop stability, better weatherability, and resistance to cracking. Not only are corrugated plastic totes available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and sizes, but they can also be printed. Compared with totes made of other materials, aluminum totes are light in weight and resistant to oxidation but are prone to dents. Steel totes, while more durable, are heavy and expensive to transport.


Advantages of High-Quality Cheap Strong Bearing Capacity PP Correx Totes

  1. Can be stacked, or nested, no matter which country you export to, and it will save transportation costs.

  2. Stable structure, lightweight, and strong bearing capacity.

  3. Corrugated plastic trays are environmentally friendly and recyclable, and can last about 5-10 years with normal use.

  4. Waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, drop-resistant, wear-resistant, and impact-resistant.

  5. Cost-effective and very affordable.

  6. You can ask us to print brand logos or patterns and text on totes to enhance branding.

  7. The colors are rich and beautiful and can be customized.

  8. If you are going to use it with the shelf, you can also ask us to customize the size that meets the shelf standard.

  9. Thickness 2-12mm can be selected. The most commonly used is 4-5mm.



Specific applications of corrugated plastic tote

  • Pharmacy - Drug Classification

  • Retail Supermarkets - Commodity Classification

  • Post Office - Mail and File Collection

  • Daily - sundries storage


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