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Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Company is a professional Plastic Gaylord Boxe Manufacturer in China. Our company has a complete quality management system, all our products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and its market share is increasing year by year.

Our main products include:

(1) PP bubble guard sheets/polypropylene honeycomb sheets

(2)Pallet Sleeve Boxes, Plastic Gaylord Box Container

(3)Corrugated plastic sheets/correx sheets (4)Coroplast boxes (5)Coroplast signs (6)Corrugated pp floor protection sheets (7)pp layer pads (8)Plastic delta traps (9)Other customized corrugated pastic products

Today I will introduce Plastic Gaylord Box to everyone:

Plastic Gaylord Boxes are also known for foldable pallet boxes, plastic gaylord pallet containers,collapsible plastic pallet bin, corrugated plastic gaylord containers, plastic gaylord boxes, or folding pallet boxes. Plastic gaylord pallet containers are made of pp bubble guard sheets(if you want to know more about pp bubble guard sheets, click here:

The corrugated plastic gaylord containers are made up of a pallet base, a top lid, as well as a foldable sleeve. 

Features of plastic pallet sleeve boxes

1. The plastic pallet container is moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, salt-alkali resistant.

2. The material of the pallet box is light, tensile and high compressive strength.

3. Plastic Gaylord Box can add different color masterbatches to the raw materials according to the different needs of customers.

4. Pallet sleeve box has stable chemical properties, is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless, and is environmentally friendly.

5. The sheet material of the our plastic pallet sleeve bins is extremely processable, and it can be used for painting, filming and other processes.

6.We can customize the size and loading capacity according to customer's requirements.

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