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Strong and easy to use, this leaf chute is made from a single piece of high-density corrugated plastic. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the waterproof leaf bag chute has reinforced yard waste bag sides for easy filling. Use it every time you rake leaves! The unique tri-fold design keeps the chute in the bag open. When used with the 30 Gallon Paper Lawn and Leaf Bag, this product allows the user to fill the bag with up to 20% yard waste debris. When not in use, the chute folds flat for easy storage. Lightweight and durable, this useful product should last for years of fall and spring cleaning.


How do you use the leaf chute?

Because the plastic leaf and lawn chute are made from a single piece of plastic, there are no moving parts, and no assembly is required. The user simply unfolds the sheet to form a "three-sided box shape" and presses into the top (as in the video) to create the leaf trough. The user then slides the assembled leaf & lawn chute into the bag and is ready to start filling the leaf bag.

The user can fill the leaf bag while using the tool to compress the volume. The purpose of doing like this is that more fallen leaves can be packed in each leaf bag, and the space can be utilized to the maximum. The sidewall strength provided by the yard waste bag chute allows each paper leaf bag to hold approximately 20% more shredded leaves, so fewer leaf bags are used and are more environmentally friendly. Most paper leaf bags are rated at 50 lbs, but without a leaf & lawn chute it can be difficult to compact leaf shreds close to their maximum capacity.


Features of yard bag chute

  • The surface is smooth for easy printing.

  • Rich in color and beautiful in appearance.

  • Anti-insect bite, anti-friction.

  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion.

  • Very environmentally friendly, PP leaf chute that has lost its use value can be reprocessed into other plastic parts.

  • The plastic maker says the material can withstand 500,000 folding and refolding cycles without splitting or cracking.

  • Users can fold it almost flat for easy storage.

  • Once the leaf bag is full, the lawn bag chute can be easily and cleanly removed from the paper leaf bag.

  • The corrugated plastic leaf bag chute is durable and reusable.


The raw material of plastic leaf and lawn chute

The raw material of the leaf easy lawn chute is environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene, which is very light and durable. In fact, the PP chute is a piece of polypropylene corrugated board, which is made by cutting and pressing. Corrugated plastic sheets have hollow structures, so they are very light.


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