What is corex flooring protection?

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Huiyuan's best-selling corex flooring protection is the ideal temporary protection product for any job, be it renovation, construction, or construction. Robust corrugated plastic sheets provide complete surface protection. They can be cut, bent, or creased to fit, making them the perfect temporary floor protector for doors, windows, floors, walls, stairs, and more!

Unlike heavy-duty alternatives like plywood or hardwood, these corflute floor protection sheets are extremely lightweight while still being tear, puncture, and impact resistant. They're also waterproof, so they won't be affected by moisture, which means they can be used outdoors. Many of our clients custom-print their polypropylene corrugated sheets with their company logo and use them outdoors to create temporary screenings around their workplaces.

Why is corex flooring protection so versatile?

The innate properties of correx floor protection boards ultimately make them so versatile and allow them to be used for so many different jobs and projects. We have listed some of these amazing properties below:

  • 100% waterproof

  • Very durable

  • Easy to handle

  • Impact resistant

  • Reusable

  • Mold resistant

  • Does not break down after use

  • Can be custom printed

What can correx protection board be used for?

Stair Protection

In jobs that work on stairs, it is important to take steps to protect the stairs. From dripping paint and chemicals to heavy objects that can damage steps when dropped, laying down protective materials can make a big difference. Correx protection is also a good option here, providing lasting protection for stairs in the event of an accident. Drops and spills cannot always be avoided, so correx protection sheets will give you peace of mind, and the fact that they can be reused makes it more economical to work on different stairs in a building.

Floor and Wall Protection

When it comes to construction projects such as home improvement and decoration, protecting vital parts of the building such as floors and walls is critical. Allowing the mechanic to continue the work at hand without fear of drops and spills. Corex flooring protection is the perfect material for floor and wall protection. Correx is ideal for screened floors, as are things like heavy-duty polyethylene boards. It provides long-lasting, complete surface protection, providing effective protection against various accidents such as knocks, scratches, and spills. Corflute floor protection is also available in breathable models, which help disperse condensation and allow the floor below to breathe.

Door and window protection

Another area where the Correx protection board excels is door and window protection – two important parts of any renovation, construction project, or home relocation job. Doors and windows are two vulnerable areas when dragging heavy objects around a building, removing unwieldy furniture from a home, or decorating with materials that can cause damage to the material. Correx sheets can be placed in such a way that they cover both, thanks to the fact that they are easily customizable to a specific size, while also providing sturdy resistance. Doors are placed at the bottom of stairs and decorated around windows, of course, Correx should be considered.


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