Excellent waterproof characteristics of corrugated plastic sheets

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Basic introduction:

As a new type of sheet, corrugated plastic sheets are widely used in many industries, in addition to lightweight and high load-bearing capacity, its waterproof characteristics are also perfect. In wet or rainy environments, the waterproof performance of it can effectively protect the internal items from moisture erosion. This paper will explore the mystery of the waterproof characteristics of corrugated plastic sheets in detail, and analyze its waterproof mechanism and application advantages.


Waterproof theories of corrugated plastic sheets:

The waterproof characteristics of corrugated plastic sheets are mainly due to its unique structure and surface treatment process. First of all, it adopts a multi-layer structure, forming a closed air layer or filler in the middle, and this structure itself has a certain waterproof effect. Secondly, in the production process, the surface of it will be treated with special treatment, such as coating waterproof coating or sealing treatment, to further enhance its waterproof performance.

Application of waterproof coating:

Waterproof coating is the key to the waterproof characteristics of corrugated plastic sheets. This coating is usually made of polymer materials with excellent water resistance and weather resistance. By coating on the surface of it, the waterproof coating can form a dense protective film, effectively blocking the penetration of water. At the same time, the waterproof coating also has good wear and corrosion resistance, which can ensure that it maintains a stable waterproof effect in long-term use.

Advantages of waterproof performance:

The waterproof performance of it provides convenience for many fields. First of all, in outdoor billboards, display shelves and other occasions, it can resist the erosion of rain and maintain clean and beautiful appearance. Secondly, in humid environments such as warehouses and workshops, hollow plates can effectively prevent items from getting damp and moldy, and protect product quality. In addition, the hollow plate can also be used to make waterproof packaging boxes, waterproof pallets, etc., to provide reliable waterproof protection for the transportation and storage of items.


Corrugated plastic sheets have been widely used in many fields because of its unique waterproof characteristics. Through the use of multi-layer structure and surface waterproof treatment process, it has excellent waterproof performance, can effectively resist moisture erosion. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, the waterproof performance of it will be further improved, providing possibilities for more applications in more fields.

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