Correx pick bins: an efficient tool for storage

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Brief introduction:

In modern logistics and warehousing management, correx pick bins play a vital role. It can not only improve space utilization, reduce transportation costs, but also ensure the safety of goods. This paper i will introduce the features, applications and advantages of it.


The features of correx pick bins:

  • strong and durable:

Correx pick bins are made of eco-friendly correx sheets, which has good compression and impact resistance, and can withstand the pressure of heavy goods,ensuring the safety of goods in the process of transportation and storage.

  • easy to stack:

Correx pick bins are designed well so that they can be easily stacked together, greatly saving space. At the same time, the bottom of the roller or handle is designed to handle bins easier,thus improving working efficiency.

Fields of application:

  • warehouse management:

In the warehouse, it can make full use of space ,making goods orderly. Through reasonable stacking and classification, the storage capacity of the warehouse will greatly improve, searching goods are more convenient.

  • logistics distribution:

In the process of logistics distribution, it is usually used as packaging containers for goods, which can protect goods from damage. Besides, the standardized design of it makes it easy to load and transport goods, improving distribution efficiency.

  • production line management:

On the production line, it can be used to store raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products to achieve a efficient production process. Reasonable stacking and handling can reduce the waiting time in the production process ,improving the production efficiency.

The benefits of correx pick bins:

  • improve space utilization:

The stacking design of it makes the space fully utilized and improves the storage capacity of warehouses and other places. This helps to reduce warehousing costs and improve logistics efficiency.

  • reduce transportation costs:

Through the standardized and modular design of correx pick bins, the fast loading and unloading and transportation of goods can be realized, which helps to reduce the time and costs of transportation.

  • improve work efficiency:

The easy handling of correx pick bins makes the handling process of goods faster, reducing labor costs.In addition, its standardized design simplifies the whole working process.


Correx pick bins are widely used in various fields due to its perfect performance, huiyuansj focuses on the correx boxes for more than 15 years, if you have interest in it, factory price to get goods, welcome to contact us.

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