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Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is one of the top 5 correx boards suppliers from China. The company was established in 2008. After 17+ years of rapid development, it has a professional R&D team and sales team. The main sales market is mainly local and export. Huiyuan pp corrugated sheet manufacturers have maintained long-term cooperative relations with hundreds of well-known enterprises. Would you like to be our next collaborator or client? Then you can read on to learn more about the advantages of our factory and the quality of our products.


The main products of Polyflute plastic corrugated manufacturer

1. Corrugated Plastic Sheets

  • Ordinary corrugated plastic sheets

  • Anti-UV PP hollow sheets

  • Fire rated correx sheets

  • Anti-static/ESD corrugated PP sheets

  • 4x8 corrugated plastic/coroplast sheets

  • White corrugated plastic sheets

  • Black corrugated plastic sheets

2. Coroplast Signs

  • Printed coroplast signs

  • Blank coroplast signs

3. Corrugated Plastic Boxes

  • Fruit / Vegetable/Seafood Packaging Boxes

  • Foldable corrugated plastic bins

  • Correx Plastic Picking Bins

  • Correx Bins For Auto Parts

  • Stackable Corrugated Plastic Totes

4. Corrugated Plastic Layer Pads

5. Correx Floor Protection Sheets/Rolls

6. Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards

7. Corrugated Plastic Dividers

8. Delta Traps

9. Custom Corrugated Plastic Products

10. PP Bubble Guard Sheets, PP Honeycomb Boards

11. Pallet Sleeve Boxes, Plastic Gaylord Box Container

12. PP Sheet, Polypropylene Plastic Board


Advantages of Huiyuan corrugated plastic supplier

  • Free samples

  • On-time delivery, fast delivery

  • Huiyuan can customize various products according to your requirements

  • Not only pre-sales service, but also after-sales service

  • 17+ years of rich experience

  • Professional R&D team

  • Enthusiastic customer service and sales team

  • Using environmentally friendly and recyclable raw materials

  • Inexpensive price and excellent quality

  • 100% quality assurance


Our main sales area

1. Domestic trade local sales

Huiyuan initially focused on developing the domestic market. The company is equipped with dozens of delivery trucks to provide door-to-door service for local customers. Finally, stabilize the domestic market with high-quality products and professional services.

2. Foreign trade export

Through market research, we found that there are many overseas customers who need our plastic products. On the solid foundation of the company, the Ministry of Foreign Trade has been added, and professional foreign trade personnel has been hired externally to cultivate professional talents from within. After more than ten years of hard work, we have successfully exported to more than 100 countries. Especially most of them are exported to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, and other countries.


About Huiyuan correx boards suppliers

We are one of the leading pp corrugated sheet manufacturers with rich experience, a professional team, first-class customer service. We always strive to provide customers with a more convenient and professional one-stop overall solution.

If you need custom corrugated plastic products, please feel free to contact us! We will get back to you as soon as possible and can also arrange free samples for you!

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