Laying of Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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Corrugated plastic sheets, also called profile plates, possess a large number of important uses for walls and roofs.


They are present in varieties of shapes, materials, and colors. So, anyone that prefers to install the sheets by him/herself will discover a product that suits his/her purpose.


Whereas, your choice of shining sheets made of acrylic, PVC, polyester, or polycarbonate are influenced by personal requirements or usage intentions.


Another is that; particular differences in corrugated sheets may be discovered on different product brochures or pages on the website associated with corrugated plastic sheets.


However, for you to obtain a high-quality product, you need to contact a renowned and reputable corrugated plastic sheets manufacturer that has many years of experience.


Proper storage for corrugated sheets

Proper care of panels starts with good storage. Corrugated sheets are supposed not to be placed in the sun for a long period because they can be easily deformed due to high temperatures, especially when they are stacked together.

 corrugated plastic sheets

It is better to protect the panels very well by proper storing before use, placing it flat, and covered with cardboard or foil to avoid dirt.


Also, it is important to be mindful of abrasive agents while cleaning the sheets. Cleaning with soap solution with plenty of water and sponge is sufficient.


Laying corrugated sheets: The materials for substructure

Proper installation of roof pitch needs to be at a maximum inclination of 100 and a minimum of 70. The appropriate substructure to use during the laying of the sheets is either metal or wooden battens.


Firstly, the supporting surface is painted with white color or can be supplied with an adhesive tape that is reflective to avoid the accumulation of heat.


Also, the gap between the sheet supports is to be measured at 80cm for acrylic and polycarbonate or 50cm for polyester and PVC. However, when there is a high snow load or wind, the gap requires reduction accordingly.


Drilling with purpose-built plastic drill

To develop the sheets, you need to employ a table circular saw or hand saw with fine-tooth or a jigsaw that can process plastic properly.


Regularly avoid tilting by working with a stop. During drilling, it is good to use a special plastic drill. You start by drilling a test hole and moving out the tool when cracks occur at the edges.


People installing the sheets themselves should ensure that the size of the drill holes is about 3-4mm than the screw-shank diameter. It allows the sheets to shrink or expand when there are temperature changes.


Lay corrugated sheets in a direction that is against the wind

For one to lay the sheets, one has to work against the direction of the wind, and possibly from the roof space towards the edge of the roof.


The screwing of the sheets is done at each third-wave peak, the overlapped area and edge take place at every wave peak, but for acrylic, the second-wave peak is adequate.


Check for the lower and upper side

If you prefer a corrugated sheet with a structure that is one-sided, therefore ensure that it faces down. If you buy a profile that has UV protection that is one-side, that is; guttagliss macro.


However, for the profile to work correctly, the side that is protected should naturally be upward. And if the profile is connected to a wall, the connection of the screw is done at the trough, and always on the second or the third wave peak.


Providing height overlap for corrugated sheets

Note that the overlap height of 150mm should be ensured to safely lay the profile. If the pitch of the roof is lesser than 100, there should be a rise in value to 200mm and can be sealed with silicone.


A coverage can outspread by a wave at the side; possibly like 2 waves for high snow load or low roof pitches. Also, there should be ventilation as needed.


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