Essential Guide To Blank Corrugated Signs

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Blank corrugated signs also called coroplast is made from thin polypropylene plastic sheeting.


It has different colours, sizes, and shapes, and a quality blank corrugated sign is usually about 4mm heavy.


But there are still thicker ones which are wild types. There are different sizes of it ranges from 12 x 18, 18 x 24 and 24 x 36.


Blank corrugated signs are straightforward to use, convenient, smooth and cheap. It can be used on a hard surface such as sidewalks; it can also display on handy frames.


Also, when it is for indoor shows, it can be hung with hangers or grommets which can sit nicely inside the flutes.


Blank corrugated signs can be of use in many commercial and retail businesses like from restaurants to roadsides as a form of visual communication.


The flutes allow it to be easily fixed on a vertical stake which is for quick insertion in a given soft surface. Anytime the sign is set on a stake, it is always in the landscape.


Blank corrugated signs are economic friendly; it is the industry most cheap vinyl substrate.


Furthermore, thinking of offering low-cost retail signs purchasing blank corrugated signs from a trusted and the experienced manufacturer is the most recommended option for visual communication.


Blank corrugated signs Applications

1. Stakes and Flutes

The widespread application of corrugated signs is the roadside which is usually mounted on sign stakes which are called step stakes.


When you have 18 by 24 sheets, the flutes will be vertical to the 24 sides of the blank signs.  


They are set in such a way that when you mount the sign on the stakes, the sign will be in a landscape orientation which is 24 wide and 18 tall.


For you to plant your mounted blank sign, you will place the lower side of the stakes on the ground and push; you can gently apply pressure.  


When you place your foot in the center of the bar and bend it, to avoid damaging the crossbar, put your foot at the boundaries, the crossbar is joined to the stake. Shift from left to right to put the stakes into the ground equally.

  Blank Coroplast

2. Hooks, frames and Grommets.

Blank corrugated signs are also used as street signs which can be on hard surfaces with the use of frames or grommets.  A frame will show two blank signs which are front and back.

These are handy small plastic materials that have channels where you can put the adorned signs gently. The sizes range from 18 by 24 and 24 by 36 blank signs.


Also, it can be used to hang display by using hooks or grommets. And for perpendicular shows, blank corrugated signs can be turned to perpendicular depending shows by the use of quality grommets.


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