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Corrugated plastic totes are made of strong and durable polypropylene corrugated boards, corrugated plastic sheet is an extruded material similar in appearance to corrugated paper.Both upper and lower surfaces are supported by fluted ribs. Several thicknesses are available, from light pliable sheet to heavy duty stiff “boards”.

Comparing with carton box, corrugated paper totes made of need to be replaced many times a year, and the service life of  corrugated plastic postal totes made of corrugated pp sheets is 20 times that of paper products.

Polypropylene corrugated totes are often made in many sizes and shapes, our corrugated plastic boxes range in thickness from 2mm to 5mm for better protection when storing, stacking, handling or transporting goods to a new facility. In addition to some conventional sizes, we can also customize the size of the box according to the needs of customers, and we can also customize the color, printing pattern, thickness, load-bearing capacity and so on.


The bird's nest design of pp corrugated totes has been adopted by a growing number of industries. Examples include cosmetics and beauty products, laboratories, offices, the automotive industry, logistics, warehousing, agriculture and clothing industries. As a lightweight and strong alternative to molded plastic, wood, and metal containers. Corrugated plastic totes are perfect for small item management storage,they offer optimal carrying capacities while remaining lightweight, affordable and reusable. Plastic corrugated boxes are becoming popular packaging choice for storage and shipping.

Thanks to the bird's nest design, users can stack multiple corrugated plastic totes of the same size when not in use, and can hide 70% of the correx pp totes volume to save storage space.  These corrugated pp totes are lightweight, strong and versatile, making them the preferred choice for distribution, transport and storage applications.

We provide OEM & ODM service, please do not hesitate to contact us for your requirements.We are a professional corrugated plastic tote boxes manufacturer&supplier and we can offer very competitive price and free sample!

we also provide fruits and vegetables packaging boxes, corrugated plastic picking bins, corrugated plastic shelf bins, coroplast recycling bins, corrugated pp wardrobe boxes for moving, etc.


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