Custom corrugated plastic boxes

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With increasing attention to environmental protection all over the world, custom corrugated plastic boxes have become more and more popular, they are made of corrugated plastic boards, the raw material is eco-friendly polypropylene. It also can be called coroplast box, correx box, corflute packaging box, danpla box, corrugated plastic storage box. Just like the corrugated pp sheet, the box also has the characteristics of lightweight, non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, corrosion resistance, rich colors, heavy-duty, etc.

Features of Custom Corrugated Plastic Boxes

  • Eco-friendly – plastic corrugated bins are paperless, reusable, and 100% recyclable.

  • Lightweight – the plastic is thin and flexible, so it isn’t as heavy as rigid plastic containers.

  • Storable – when not in use, plastic corrugated products can be folded and stored neatly without taking up much precious storage space. Then when you’re ready to use them again, you can quickly assemble them.

  • Versatile – they can be used in many different ways and in many different conditions. Plastic corrugated containers can also be designed with partitions inside, so they can hold multiple products.

  • Durable – they are strong, and you can customize their thickness so they protect your products during shipping, storage, and production.

  • Reusable – you can get many uses from them instead of the two to three uses you can get out of their cardboard counterpart.

  • Waterproof – Custom coroplast boxes can be used in harsh conditions without being damaged and–more importantly–without damaging their contents.

Custom Coroplast Plastic Boxes

  • Any size or style — corrugated plastic is easily customizable and a low cost alternative to custom injection molded containers

  • Colors and printing so you can keep your branding consistent

  • Enhanced plastic sheeting gauges, rivets, and plastic welding that can provide incredible load capacities

  • Edges that can be left open or sealed depending on your processing needs

  • Additional features such as ergonomic handles, lids, access doors, drainage holes, interlocking sidewalls, and wire reinforcements that make handling the storage containers more comfortable and protect the items within

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