Choosing Layer Pads For Your Industrial Use

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The use of layer pads for industrial packaging and other uses have brought high productivity and better service delivery.


Besides, the layer pad provides even distribution of weight and stability of products. This provides protection during the transfer of goods from one place to another.


In addition, the layer pad provides protection to the inside cases that divide layers of stacked products like bottles, cans, and plastics. The layer pads at the top provide more protection to the product when cases are opened.


Layer Pads suppliers China ensures the production of layer pads that provide quality and effective service delivery.


For this reason, purchasing your layer pads from a reliable and reputable layer pads manufacturer provides excellent packaging solutions.


The Features Of Layer Pads

The following features make layer pad an ideal solution for your packaging needs.

1. Layer pads are available in different sizes and dimensions. This provides your specific requirement

2. Layer pads have lightweight due to the materials used for production.

3. The materials used for production are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

4. The surface of layer pads is suitable for printing. This feature promotes branding and advertising of the product.

5. Layer pads are simple and easy to use.

 Layer Pads

Different Areas Of Application

Layer Pads are suitable for use in the following industries:

ü Electronics

ü Confectionery

ü Beverages

ü Vegetables and Fruits

ü Beauty and Health

ü Dairy


The Benefits Of Using Layer Pads

Though the benefits of using layer pads are numerous, some of the benefits are:


1. Protection during Transit

Protection of goods from damage during transportation from one place to another. The layer pads enable even distribution of weight and act as a shock absorber during the transit.


2. Protection During Opening Of Package

Layer pads protect the top of the package to ensure no damage during the opening of the package.  The goods are not affected when the cases are cut open.


3. Can Be Recycled

Layer pads can be recycled due to the materials used for production. Besides, layer pads are environmentally friendly and are made from renewable materials.


4. Easy To Handle

Layer pads are easy to handle because they have lightweight. There is no challenge due to the weight of the pads during transportation.


5. Can Be Used To Promote Brand

The surface of the layer pad is suitable for the promotion of the brand through the printing of an advert on it.


In addition to proper packing, layer pads also serve as a tool for advertisement. This brings more patronage to your business.


6. Customized Size

Layer pads can be customized to suit individual requirements. This makes packaging easy and simple.


Contacting a reliable and reputable layer pads supplier will ensure quality pads within specification.



Layer pads prove to be an indispensable tool for proper and excellent packaging. This simple to use packaging pad can be used by different industries for different purposes. Layer pads protect products from damage during transit.


Also, it improves product stability, separates different layers of products, and prevent damage when the top layer is cut.


Getting quality layer pads from a reliable and reputable manufacturer is highly recommendable.


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