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It is another electioneering year, where we are expected to exercise our constitutional right by selecting reputable legislative representatives, municipality trustee, county treasurer, city mayors, and local school board members. And most importantly, the head of the country's government, the president.


As usual, campaign messages, as well as political agendas, will start infiltrating the air in numbers. As an ideal campaign coordinator, knowing there is no better method of reaching your teeming supporters, apart from the universal yard sign.


It is important to note that yard sign is not customized for political campaigns only but in other promotion and marketing sectors. Other yard signs applications include guiding signage for events, yard sales, real estate signs, advertising signs, etc.


It can be printed on one side or both sides of the material with different sizes depending on what you want. The printed material can be framed, placed on a support, or buttressed up, or drooped.


Owing to these excellent applications, it is reasonable for one to ask, what makes up a yard sign and the uniqueness of the material for these signs? Corrugated plastic is just the answer.


However, buying high-quality blank corrugated signs for your yard signs from a reliable supplier is the best way to fully utilize your asset.


Below are surmounted reasons corrugated plastic is used as the perfect substrate in the manufacture of yard signs.

 blank corrugated signs

Corrugated Plastic, Yard Signs King

Years back, corrugated plastic was not reckoned as an ideal substrate due to other better materials as at then for yard signs. These materials range from plastic, composite to single-panel aluminum.  


All thanks to technological advancement that made way for corrugated plastic to become the substantial material for yard signs today.


What makes corrugated plastic an alternative substrate for this specific kind of signage? It results from a couple of lightweights, conductivity properties, durability to cost-effectiveness, and UV printing.


Based on these factors, it can be asserted with all confidence that corrugated plastic is second to none when it comes to yard signs.


Taking a closer look at material's basics, corrugated plastic is an ordinary plastic that is polypropylene – that fundamentally possesses grooved structures when set amid two plastic panes.


Currently, corrugated plastics are manufactured by many blank corrugated signs manufacturing industries bearing the producer name. It has various applications, including graphic arts, packaging, truck bed inside layer, signage, shelters, and construction projects.


Corrugated plastics in their natural state are not printing inks-friendly or other varnishes. This potential is activated by a pre-surface treatment that allows adhesion of the printing inks or coats.


This is how it works; Electrical discharge ("corona plasma") is generated using high voltage, which improves the energy of the plastic's surface, thereby allowing ink to be printed on it.


The corona treatment varies from substrate to substrate because some material undergoes this process twice before it supports proper adhesion.


Immediately after the corona treatment is completed, printing on corrugated plastic is made easy for sign makers.


All the Advantages of Blank Corrugated Signs

1. They are economical in use

2. They are weather friendly

3. They are maintained by stress-free cleaning

4. They are handy and robust due to their lightweight.

5. They are recyclable

6. They are easily cut so they can take any shape you desired

7. Printing on corrugated plastic stand the test of time

Suzhou Huiyuan Plastic Products Co., LTD is a professional blank corrugated signs manufacturer offering a solution to customized signage widely used in packaging, beautification, promotion, etc.


Hence, if you want quality guaranteed products, kindly contact us today for your high-resolution yard signs materials at a pocket-friendly price.


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