Caring For A Plastic Corrugated Signboard

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Plastic corrugated signboards have different names. Many people call it corrugated plastics, others say it is cor-plastic and some people go for coroplast, whichever name it is called; one thing that stands out is its versatility.


A plastic corrugated signboard is amazingly a fantastic first choice for temporary signage or short term containers.


They are mainly cardboards made from three sheets of thin polypropylene plastic materials.



They are lightweight and adaptable to different uses because of its cheap cost and its unique long-lasting features.


To get the best quality, you need to partner with a reliable and trusted plastic corrugated signboard manufacturer.


How do I care for my plastic corrugated signboard?


If you want to enhance the amazing look and the durability of your plastic corrugated signboard for many years to come, there are few steps that you should take for keeping your signboard in top shape.

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1. Proper Storage 


One important issue to really deal with for persons who make use of their plastic corrugated signboard occasionally, is how and where to keep it while out of use?


Yes, a safe place is the best that is a place where it won't be scratched or defaced by any object and also free from dirt.


A plastic corrugated signboard is strong, durable and not easily dent, but if the large pressure is impacted on it for a very long time, it can dent or bend the signboard.


Perfect positioning for your signboard while on storage is to allow it to lean on a wall or lay it horizontally on the floor.


Again, the signboard should be stored at room temperature to keep it looking astonishingly new.


However, you can make use of places such as the garage, and storage room that might experience little changes in temperature.


2.  Avoid Folding 


On no occasion should you fold your signboard if it was not made to be folded? If folded it can cause your signboard to deteriorate faster and therefore lost its firmness and smooth surface.



3.  Wipe it down 


If you are planning to make a swift change on the use of your plastic corrugated signboard for outdoor use or you occasionally do that, you have to wipe it down on a regular basis.


If you are using it on a temporary basis as an outdoor display, you must ensure that it is returned inside and properly wiped off to remove debris or dirt.


It is a simple cleaning and therefore no special brand of cleaner is required. A good soap, some clean water, and light scrubbing will remove the dirty.


Alternatively, you can make use of water and a vinegar solution to exterminate any bacteria or germs attached to it.


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No doubt, you can continue to enjoy the dividends that plastic corrugated sign boards bring you and still maintain its feature by following the steps given above.


However, your best shot at this begins with buying a quality grade from a reliable and experienced plastic corrugated signboard manufacturer.


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